5146 Overview Of Apple AirPods
Overview Of Apple AirPods

Overview Of Apple AirPods

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Обзор Apple AirPods
The editors thank the store iLounge for kindly providing headphones.

When I first saw the Apple AirPods at the September presentation, I was wondering how they sound, how good the quality of the connection with the phone and how long they can work from a battery charge. In February me such a chance given, this headphone came to me for review. Below I have tried to convey as much detail as possible your experience with this device that I have accumulated in the process a short experience with Apple AirPods.

I would like to make a small digression. After the presentation, Apple I got the idea to buy AirPods for personal use, but, due to the fact that the sale of these headphones was delayed several times, I eventually bought the Jaybird X3. Before buying, I spent a few neliel to study the subject area in order to then not to bite your elbows. In the process of reading reviews and exploring reviews from buyers on Amazon, Best Buy and eBuy it turned out that in the context of wireless headphones is almost always the characteristics stated by the manufacturer, differed from that in the end, offered product purchased. Therefore, to meet AirPods was doubly interesting.

Appearance and design

In the box with the headphones you’ll find themselves actually AirPods, carrying case and charging Lightning cable and manual. Look headphones like the EarPods, but without the wires with a thickened bottom, which is the battery. Box and headphones are made of glossy white plastic rather skolskog. Often, when I was getting it out of the case I had the feeling that they are about to slip from the hands. Although it should be noted that this three weeks of use so never happened.

Just want to say that in my ears they sit perfectly. I checked it out not only on themselves but also on the wife. Apparently I am one of those people who have an average ear shape. While walking, running or just using at home, earphones never fall out of ears. The first few days was a little discomfort from the lack of wires, but it quickly passed. On each earpiece contains two optical sensor, through which the AirPods “see” in the ear or not. At the bottom of each earphone is a microphone hole, covered with a grid. Around him is a metal ring consisting of two segments. These are the contacts through which the headphones are charged in the case.

The case is made soundly. Cover with soft-close-automatic, opening and closing audible click. To open the box, you can with your thumb, holding it in his hand. At the bottom is the connector for charging. On the back is a button to reset the settings.

Enable and configure

Обзор Apple AirPods-10

I’m not going to describe the details of this process, with them you can see in this article on the Apple website. Let me just say that the process is extremely simple. You just open the box and boom! On the screen of your iPhone or iPad for information about the available to connect AirPods nearby. Interestingly, if someone near you will open a case from their AirPods in order to use them, you will see a message stating that there is available “is not your” headphones with an offer to connect to them. To do that, however, this does not work, because for pairing with iPhone or other Apple products will need to pinch and hold the button on the back of the case.

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Battery life

In this respect, the AirPods are all well. They honestly act out their five hours when listening to music. If you use them as a headset, the battery life is reduced by about forty minutes. I was charging twice a day. This morning on my way to the office was about forty minutes of calls, then a little less than three hours of music. In the afternoon I put them in the box and in about an hour they were fully charged. This sufficed until the evening. In this mode of operation the battery in case I had to charge every two days.

Обзор Apple AirPods-11

Considering that both headphones are directional microphones, depending on the settings you can always use a microphone in one earpiece or AirPods will use them in order, depending on the situation. Often this led to the fact that the battery is not discharged at the same speed. But the difference in charge was not too big, just a couple of percent. After updating the firmware to the latest version (3.5.1) at discharge to 20% and 10% headphones began to emit a warning signal. This is enough to not stay without a headset at the most inopportune moment.

Like any Apple product support AirPods deeply integrated into macOS, iOS, and watchOS. Therefore, the status of the batteries in the headphones you can test on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. The battery status box will be displayed in the widget “Battery” in iOS as long as the device will not enter sleep mode.

The sound quality

Probably many of you are waiting for that to sound these headphones are somehow extraordinary compared to the EarPods. However, you are mistaken. Now, almost all wireless headphones are at the stage of evolution, when you pay over $100 for the device, not because it sounds great, but for the fact that it is cordless. So do not expect the supernatural quality of the sound. It’s satisfactory (although my assessment, of course, highly subjective).

They have a little more detail compared to the EarPods, but those parts that I used for two years the use of in-ear headphones with Apple remote control and microphone and three months Jaybird X3, I have not heard. An approximate picture can be obtained listening to music in total silence, but at high volume in a noisy place, the little details are lost. So about listening to underground music with a wide dynamic range, for example, elegant songs of King Crimson or the classics, you have to forget. But I’m sure fans of electronic, pop music or rap will be satisfied.

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Can’t say that the meaning bezrobotnych headphones in to not to get out his phone when answering a call or making an outgoing call, but for me it has become the norm in ten years of using a variety of headsets. With AirPods you can’t, for example, to adjust the volume during a call by using Siri. Double tap with which you can cause it to impact the team just completed a call.

With music it is even worse. Talking in English, I never forced Siri to play favourites playlist, skip to the next song, increase or decrease the playback volume, pause your music or check the battery. Siri just doesn’t understand me. In English it is more or less bearable (most likely because of my not perfect pronunciation), but I want to use all this functionality in Russian!

If you turn off Siri, then the situation is even worse. In this mode, you can only include music play/pause. To adjust the volume, you can not, however, like to make or receive a call without taking your iPhone out of your pocket.

The quality of the wireless connection

It is worth to remind the reader that at the time of writing AirPods have been updated to the latest current firmware version (at the moment it is version 3.5.1). Next is probably this Chapter is divided into two parts and described separately testing experience with iPhone 7 and iPhone 6S Plus. Start with the first one.

Обзор Apple AirPods-12

With the iPhone 7 won’t have any problems. The quality of communication with the staff was excellent without any breaks or distortions of sound. Moreover, the connection of the AirPods are well kept even through a brick wall thickness of 80 cm On MacBook Pro 2015, which was associated with the iPhone 7 the same Apple ID, all was well. Switching between the two devices was almost not noticeable. All this is true for music listening and for making calls via GSM or FaceTime.

With the iPhone 6s Plus the opposite situation. To say that the quality was bad is an understatement. Using FaceTime to communicate was not possible. The connection dropped every minute and a half. Making ordinary voice calls, the situation was somewhat better. The cliffs were, but not as often. The average for the forty-minute conversation with AirPods relationship ended abruptly four times.

With the cliffs at podslushivaniya music fared somewhat better. The relationship ended abruptly just a few times a day, however, sound distortion was observed quite often. Basically it’s some kind of clatter that would sound several times a minute. To get rid of it helped only to disabling/enabling Bluetooth on the phone and placing the earbuds in the case.

Using your Apple ID that was on the iPhone 6S Plus, was also connected to 2012 Mac mini, Mac Pro 2008 with wifi/Bluetooth card iMac 2013, iPad Air 2, and Apple TV fourth generation. If you list the devices one at a time in increasing stability issues connection, we get the following picture: Apple TV, iPad Air 2, Mac Pro, iPhone 6S Plus, the Mac mini. The Mac mini had the most problems with the stability of Vorosmarty music. The iPad Air 2 and Apple TV all worked perfectly.

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I had suspicions that maybe this is some kind of problem with AirPods, came to me for review, but they were dispelled after my wife tested them work with Phone 7, and MacBook Pro 2015. Week use not surfaced any of the above problems. But when they got back to me and I have them connected to an iPhone 6S Plus, they all came out again in full growth. The headphones are reset and re-pairing did not fix the situation. I tested AirPods with two iPhone 6S Plus. Both devices about the same picture.

Обзор Apple AirPods-13

One more little detail. When using AirPods during conferences WebEx or GoToMeeting your voice will sound like robot voice. This problem was noticed not only by me but by other owners of AirPods. I only dealt with the web version of GoToMeeting and I can say that if you are using Jaybird X3 this problem did not arise. Apparently the reason is that Jaybird X3 when connected to a Mac by default uses the SBC codec, and AirPods the AAC codec. That is not the problem AirPods, but a feature of how WebEx and GoToMeeting process the audio coming in their applications when using the AAC codec.

My personal experience

In total I spent AirPods with a little more than two weeks. Another week passed with them wife. To be honest, this is the first Apple product after the return, which is back after the test I felt a sense of relief and joy that I return to Jaybird X3. An interesting fact is that X3 works fine on all the above in the review of the Apple devices.

Whether Apple will correct deficiencies in the work of the AirPods with older models of iPhone and Mac? I would like to hope. But in the market there are examples that cast doubt on this. For example, Bragi has released a huge number of firmware updates for its flagship headphone The Dash, but the problem with unstable Bluetooth connection and not corrected. However, I suspected that AirPods will not be all smooth. As shown by my study of wireless headphones, the first time anyone has been able to produce a device which would not have observed any problems.

The bottom line

If you have an iPhone 7/7 Plus, the bundled EarPods don’t fall out of your ears, you will certainly want wireless headphones from Apple with Siri support and have never used WebEx or GoToMeeting — AirPods what you need. Otherwise, you should look for other options. Up to $160 you will find several attractive options with comparable sound quality, greater range and reliable communication with the phone via Bluetooth.

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