Overview of the Kingdom: New Lands — “Game of thrones” in the swamp

We’ve learned that a Kickstarter in the history of indie games is part of a beautiful success story. Come showed focus a fair audience that admired and let’s throw money at the monitor. No publishers and other parasites: only an arrogant noble Creator and the consumer, ready to pick up bold and daring. Author Kingdom come on Kickstarter three years ago, collected a modest four thousand euros, and safely shut it down is to look for happiness elsewhere. Now expanded Kingdom: breaking New Lands in the App Store under a rain of saliva enthusiastic critics. Press the console are able to evaluate the game in a slightly unthinkable 87 points — and perhaps we’ll join the parade of praise.

“Defend the tower” in 2D

If Thomas van den Berg was born in Russia, he would have called his creation in honor of Peter the Great — because the game, without knowing, managed to portray the process of birth St. Petersburg, and not without detail.

Kingdom: New Lands Kingdom: New Lands

In the center of the screen — handsome horseman with a crown on his head. Around him, the stench, decay and hopelessness. No doubt — it is here and settle our city! We — the autocratic monarch casual sex, which the game painlessly replace in case of death. Before his death, however, still far away, so making a small headquarters. For this we find in a swamp a couple of ragamuffins, the abandoned camp and a sleek handle, throw a handful of coins — congratulations, you witness the birth of the new state. Which is about to be eaten by the Horde of monsters, if not immediately to take care of defence.

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The camera on the side, so in Kingdom classic tower defense tasks are an unusual way: not necessary to tap on the screen, planting towers, and guns, and to ride along the settlement. First and foremost, protect the flanks from behind the pile of rocks you can build a tower for archers, a couple of logs — a full fence. Upgrades cost money, but the budget somehow lie on your Royal shoulders — option “to create a tax service” in the game. Nothing to do: you have to look for in the swamps the chests of gold, equip merchant in the expedition and pointedly walk along archers — they give coins for each shot the animal.

Kingdom: New Lands Kingdom: New Lands

Night clearly explain why you have spent the annual budget on the wall of the stockade from a mysterious rift climb ugly creature. No need to panic — three-four dawn you will find, almost without straining, but in the end, aggressive locusts will still prevail: the walls fell, the peasants will die, and a crazy Horde will run until you hit the crown. So don’t focus on defense, and look for shipwreck.


For the crown

Because the Kingdom is not a “tower defense with extravagant camera”. This, if anything, king defense, simulator flight and simulator rational use of human resource (Oh, and why this format is not popular?). Monsters, in General, put on your buildings, they will carry the protection and rush on, and calm down, only grabbing the vile hands of the glittering crown.

And if you value your life — look for the shipwreck. Trying to defend the village, build a city or to bring happiness to beggars in rags — a waste of time, effort and coins. Instead, quickly dialed live meat for shield, along the way looking for money, and then sail off on an expensive ship, as soon as it the whiff of kerosene. Usually by this time started an hour ago, civilization lies in ruins, and the bastard’s going to hop on Board the saving ship. Watch as the Horde grinds peasants until you have Vim jump to the dock — excruciatingly painful, but its shirt as it is closer to the horizon, still a lot of land, try there.

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Kingdom: New Lands Kingdom: New Lands

Here lies the only big problem Kingdom — in fact, nothing new after the second flight and you will not see. Changing environment: the monsters flying, crawling and spit fire, and towers with archers higher and steeper, but the layout is still the same. High logs in a circle, pair of towers, a high-speed race along the eerie forest (where the chests!) and nervous construction of the next ship — faster, faster, I can hear them clatter. Given that you have almost a dozen noble marine travel, then mentally estimate the scale of the Board is unlikely to make it to the end of the term, isn’t it?


A celebration of pixels

And now specially for those who looked at screenshots, and now with suspected squints: what is that square stuff at all? Yes, the game did together, and money on the picture Witcher 3 is probably a little is not enough. But Kingdom is the most detailed pixel art ever. Swamp honestly reflects what is happening on the beach, panting horse belching from his nostrils steam, put a marksman arrow pierces naturally in the ground (or rabbit). Pictures do not convey a thousandth part of the atmosphere of the Kingdom — the case when the movement is not just better, but radically different.

When you move to a mobile game not has lost none of the charm, and the management has remained the same — the benefit of that involved three button. However, sometimes there are problems: the crowned horseman occasionally confuses the team and, for example, generously dropped coins on the ground instead of run left. A small thing, however, is forgivable.

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When it comes to mobile games, decided to make concessions. Like, not see that the face is crooked, because after the third hour included a good five-minute action, and even icon cool drawn, not enough for you? Kingdom a different story — all this connivance immediately goes in the trash: the game takes you out of reality for a few hours, twisted and spit back. Perhaps not dazzling happy, but it sure was cool. Of course, if you do not mind the price for the iOS version: it is time for someone to tell Apple that the dollar in Russia for a long time is not worth 75 rubles.



  • Oh, very unusual concept immediately and will not determine the genre of the game;
  • a simple but addicting formula;
  • increasing complexity — will not be bored!
  • for sprite graphics, an unprecedented level of detail.


  • the high price of the iOS version;
  • management periodically annoying;
  • it is unlikely that you will pass to the end — game too snug.

Author: Illia Bozhko

Source: 4pda.ru

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