7694 Overview Thunderobot ST-PRO: can the laptop from China to be games?
Overview Thunderobot ST-PRO: can the laptop from China to be games?

Overview Thunderobot ST-PRO: can the laptop from China to be games?

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Quality smartphones from China we are not surprised. In the comments to almost any post marked witnesses sect “Chinese Apple”, the value and power of such gadgets is breaking all records. But the laptop, and even gaming? I can not believe, but to check, risking a large sum, there is no desire. Therefore, our review is biased, detailed and whimsical. Let’s see what they are playing Chinese at home.

Thunderobot ST-PRO


Introduce yourself

The name of our hero Thunderobot ST-PRO. Never heard of this brand? And in vain, because the development and build of this fellow is one of the largest electronic conglomerates in China, with over 30 years of steady growth and development of Acer. So that the device is not rootless. The manufacturer is known for strict attitude towards the quality of the gadgets, which means that the laptop will please the owner not only those two weeks, we racked up tests, but the whole service life. At least, in Russia there is a stock-company representation, and there for a year after purchase ready to serve your iron friend and promptly put him on his feet.

Thunderobot ST-PRO


What brought me where?

NVIDIA made a huge gift to all gamers in 2016-m to year. New GPU was so powerful and cold that the notion of “notebook graphics” quietly gone. There is a GTX 1060, and it is the same for PC and for laptop. Yes, you can vary the frequency (still a great card in a separate housing to cool somewhat easier) but the configuration of the unified chip.

That is why the 15-inch middling tear in all tests results from tops. This laptop might not boast the most expensive “filling” or two graphics cards, but beats the other — truly Asian balance.

  • Type: gaming laptop
  • Housing: plastic, aluminum
  • Screen: IPS-matrix, 15,6″, 1920×1080, Matt
  • CPU: Intel Core i7–7700HQ, 2,8–3,8
  • Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB GDDR5
  • RAM: 16 GB DDR4–2400
  • Storage: SSD 512 GB M. 2
  • Interfaces: 2x USB 3.1 Gen2/Type-C USB 3.1 Gen1 3x HDMI, 3x audio 3.5 (line out, microphone, headphone), RJ-45, 2x mini-DisplayPort
  • Wireless interfaces: Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 4.0
  • Multimedia: microphone, two speakers with the technology SoundBlaster X-Fi 5mb
  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Battery: 60 WH, built-in
  • Dimensions: mm 385x271x26
  • Weight: 2.5 kg

To explain this Assembly easy. The flagship processor with a stock will not give newfangled toys “starve” for power, the GPU will always be loaded in full, and even wonky Watch Dogs 2 will not feel the typical bottleneck with underload graphics card.

1060 GTX with 6 GB of memory — a real Queen FullHD. Faster than last year’s 980 (and even more 980M) in new games, has more memory, supports improved texture compression algorithms and quick conversion for smoothing contours. Play all new on highest settings with stable 60 fps easy.

Thunderobot ST-PRO

For RAM 16 GB DDR4 here — sufficient. More resolution simply no need to put. If you decide to use a Chinese beauty isn’t only for entertainment but also for work — there are two additional slots for memory, at least two more for 16 GB zakidyvaya — 48 “gigs” in sum, certainly enough.

The icing on the cake — “screw” on polterabayta. A little? But a real SSD with the corresponding read speeds (550 MB/s) write (230 MB/s). The system is responsive, games will start immediately, Photoshop grinds two gigabytes of RAW files.


Fashion verdict

Design gaming laptops amazing times, and there is not in the best sense — which is not only rich imagination of the artist, when he hears a cherished phrase gaming laptop. And most manufacturers somehow stubbornly continues to rely on 13-year-old Igrunov: bright red accents, plenty of podsolic, different shiny fixings… So, Thunderobot wanted to spit on such nonsense.

Thunderobot ST-PRO

Matt work surfaces, a neat frame around the display, durable plastic with neutral gray texture, aluminum bottom and top cover is glued on the plastic frame. To the elegance of forms and materials cupertinos standards, may still not Mature enough, but once surpassed many products And brands. Simply put, this laptop is not ashamed to get on people — no matter how many years you and they may be.

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Thunderobot ST-PRO

Yes, there is a certain “Asiatic” in decisions. To the left on the front side of the scattering of indicator LEDs that will take at best a couple of times in my life, if even notice. Bright blue led in the power button and acid blue default backlight keyboard. The stickers and painted the logos of various modules, which must show that it is collected the machine not of the unmarked parts, and branded. But all this is mere detail (and the highlighting color can be changed), and most importantly — there are no chrome inserts and red blocks on the buttons WASD and the arrows.



The buttons are made carefully, with active three-band RGB illumination, full hands and a full NUM-block. The keyboard layout is cleaned lapped with one of the Taiwanese company, and it’s not perfect.

A needle tetrad is integrated into the print area and numpad, F-keys are divided into groups of four, and their Fn-combination is not very convenient for fast clicking with one hand. This problem of the end, and that’s good, because then there are only pleasantness.

Thunderobot ST-PRO

If you worked for “Apple” laptops, you know why everyone loves their keyboards. So, the thrill of printing on Thunderobot — one to one first Macy’s with retina display. Soft, slightly longish course, the confident feeling of click, the pleasant sound of the triggered key. No dry crunch of cheap keyboards, nor the sonorous clanging from space, no squeaky “Liptov” that sometimes occur even in quite decent manufacturers. Exactly the same force on all the keys, well distinguished triggers. For tactile feel and the quality of the keyboard engineers a large bouquet of daisies deserved.

Thunderobot ST-PRO

The backlight has multiple brightness levels, 256 colors (and the at all 16 million), easily adjustable hotkey and well customized via the keyboard Manager. By the way, he is able to make a “temperature map” for the subsequent analysis, working with macros (including recording macros for mouse!) and generally behaves like an adult. If without guile, Yes, the design falls short of the ideal, but the functionality of the A-brands not far behind.


Touch panel

Another winning “trick” laptop — stunningly accurate, fast and intuitive trackpad with support for multitouch. A large glass panel from Synaptics distinguishes up to five touch and tactile sensations is on the same level with the keyboard. Just open the laptop and use it, without having to get used to the strange behavior or unusual cursor acceleration during sudden movements. This quality touchpads are not always found even in premium business beeches.

Thunderobot ST-PRO


Audio playback

According to the manufacturer (marked with paint on the plastic housing) in Thunderobot installed ONKYO speakers, and the output signal charge integrated RealtekHD with softovoi wrapper SoundBlaster X-fi MB5. If you disable all digital uluchshiteli and “flavor enhancers”, the sound will be really good: a little lacking in the low frequencies (but then the form factor limits the ability of the acoustic system, it can’t be helped), but the sound is clear and at maximum volume without rattles, squeaks or metallic ringing high frequencies.

Listen to music at medium volume, you can, but with headphones or even a simple external column quality can not be compared, but the games are surprisingly good. The sound of gunfire, car engine, natural effects and the voices of the characters are animated and convincing, “clipping” the sound waves out the frequency response of the loudspeakers is not felt. Built-in speakers aren’t the best on the market, but not spoil the overall picture: the middle class as it is, without imposing disadvantages or advantages.

Thunderobot ST-PRO



All, even the most expensive laptop screens suffer from misconfigured gamma out of the box. This occurs even in “professional” models, favored by designers and photographers — is that the payback for technology and marketing compromises.

Thunderobot ST-PRO

No matter IPS there under the surface or a simple TN — no hardware calibration to do photo and rendering performance on any adult level for the subsequent production of content simply will not work: in pursuit of the “juicy” picture the developers completely kills color accuracy. To our happiness, “Chinese” with all of the above healthy. Matte FullHD IPS matrix copes with its responsibilities.

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Thunderobot ST-PRO

Color temperature normal for the most part, the graphics suffer from shadow to light, but there is error in the measurements is quite high and peculiarly built effects. The entire range of gray levels the display showed good color balance accuracy: no spurious tones or green-red plane or a blue-and-yellow.

Thunderobot ST-PROClick to enlarge

For gaming and contento-consumer purposes display suitable immediately. It does not initiative and does not paint the picture in different shades, one he understood the logic, and most importantly — he is not tired eyes. But to work on it with graphics no additional setup is necessary. Gamma curve should be set in order to return the color triangle to sRGB… or just connect a good external display, the benefit of modern connectors have a laptop missing.


Inner peace

The configuration of “iron” claims no performance ligament i7+GTX1060+SSD we have ever seen in other laptops, monoblocks and compact gaming systems. It only remains to check whether the designers screwed up with the cooling. Untwist the screws, fighting with plastic latches on the rear of the hull, and using brute force (including verbal), and plastic blades remove the same the bottom panel of the laptop. And there… the Shock, 18+, watch without SMS and registration.

Thunderobot ST-PRO

No, nothing like that. Really all very well: in addition to accurate Assembly and overall logical arrangement of “stuffing” inside of the laptop reveals a huge potential to upgrade. To the existing 512 GB SSD can dokinut another 512 or 1 TB in the second M. 2 connector, to connect two HDD in notebook format to SATA connectors. Is that RAM will have trouble: the easily accessible slots are occupied and two empty on the backside of the Board.

Thunderobot ST-PRO

Yes, but what about cooling? Huge heat pipes, a large copper radiators, and three centrifugal turbine, engaged in the purging of all this splendor.


The real performance

In synthetic 3DMark all like people — the result is confident, and even after several runs in a row, the numbers change in range of statistical error. In games and even better: you can all day to torment the notebook, breaking through hordes of demons in the interior of the Mars base, and he won’t even hiss at the owner of the turbines of the cooling system. He so is quiet and in conditions of constant heating of both CPU and GPU and all holds with dignity — uniformly low hum of the cooling system does not cause discomfort. Shrill outbursts followed by calm or monotonous high frequencies, which afford some of the models are quite decent manufacturers here.

Thunderobot ST-PRO

Performance is clear: the cooling is decent, similar to “stuffing” we have already seen, surprise is unlikely. But the testing must go on.

Vulkan API has a tendency to increase performance on systems with 4+ GB VRAM: he is fully and efficiently utilizes resources than OpenGL, just requires more memory to store uncompressed data. Yeah, work’s faster, but the requirements are higher. The laptop has a “full” GTX 1060 6 GB of GDDR5, so it passes this test.

Thunderobot ST-PRO

Battlefield 1 observed the same picture: both API from Microsoft in conjunction with verified iron give the expected results. The network works fine, no difference from playing on a self-assembled PC or else laptop no.

Thunderobot ST-PRO

Forza 3 Horizon changed from NFS 2015 in our tests, “racing” performance. The level of technology if it is not in the top, certainly at least in the zone of active use of all verification tools. A large number of reflections, including the implemented ray tracing, complex lighting, high-poly models… on “high” settings with limiter set to 60 fps, the game rarely shows results a little below the maximum.

Noticeable loading of resources when changing from one locality to another, the framerate drops to 50 for a couple of seconds. At speeds over three hundred in the busy traffic of city streets and forests in a wet performance, maybe a little SAG, just before 52-54 fps, the rest — confidently holds the bar. Maximum settings available with the “console” of 30 fps, however, led in this mode becomes more difficult: the response time for control commands shall be doubled. On slow machines D/C class here and there, but on some of the Ford GT 2017, going to go hot to the limits of categories S2 and rushing for 400 km/h, in the thirtieth part of a second you fly is almost four meters, which can easily become fatal for your racing career.

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Thunderobot ST-PRO

GTA V works perfectly. No other words. However, expect low performance from a product Rockstar, which is optimized to the eyebrows, it would be strange. The game even on 1050Ti feels confident and there are almost twice as powerful video.

Thunderobot ST-PRO

Classic our tests, the third “the Witcher” to “high” works fine and shows a stable framerate, even if the laptop will not lie directly on a hard surface, and on a thick blanket. Not that it was a normal scenario of operation the gaming machine, and well she just will not, but, you know, treat yourself to an hour before sleep: “Chinese” courageously withstand even such abuse.

Thunderobot ST-PRO

Performance in “tournament” games, such as online shooter from Blizzard to even discuss it makes no sense: on the highest setting all flies.

Thunderobot ST-PRO



Aristotle, know knew no computers, and generally lived in “negative” years in the current chronology, however, already expressed an amazingly accurate thought: “Fortunately everywhere depends on compliance with two conditions: proper installation of the ultimate goals and finding appropriate means leading to the ultimate goal”.

Thunderobot ST-PRO

The ultimate goal of the creators Thunderobot ST-Pro was the best in terms of price and performance gaming system in the form factor of the laptop. Of the laptop is extremely balanced set of hardware, complemented by an excellent cooling system. In this configuration cannot be called “dead end” — there is a stock on the CPU for a couple years and to upgrade the storage subsystem. After all, the modern game has 50 GB rolled over, as well as movies in Full HD.

Keyboard work is a pleasure (almost all of the ST-Pro, and the author knows a lot about keyboards — not one has replaced not one ten has puretravel), the trackpad leaves a pleasant feeling, design and materials of the body do not cause rejection.

Thunderobot ST-PRO

Yes, the dialog box of the installation wizard, drivers Hello time GTA2 and Windows 98, the built-in software takes a little getting used, but it is important if decent and perfectly working hardware just ask anything? And by the standards of the classmates of this gaming monster so do give almost nothing.

Thunderobot ST-Pro set new performance records, not received the award at the exhibition of fine arts and does not cook your coffee in the morning. But one thing he is for sure the best of the best — of results and prices. Made for all the hardships, stress tests, courage, patience and excellent results in all that relates to performance, the laptop is deservedly receives the title of “the smart choice”.


Build a gaming laptop from the standard parts only seems a simple task. In fact, it is required to consider many factors to design an effective cooling system and do balanced configuration. And Haier coped with the task not worse than eminent competitors. And if you do not see the difference — why pay more?


Until 25 April a gaming laptop Thunderobot ST-c Pro GTX 1060 and 512 GB SSD can be ordered at a discount of$ 100. Delivery within 5-15 days from the warehouse in Russia. The number of products is limited.

To know the cost Thunderobot ST-Pro with discount



  • well-balanced configuration;
  • ready to upgrade;
  • quality workmanship and work like A-brands;
  • the native software allows you to configure sound, keyboard, performance mode and even overclock the CPU/graphics card;
  • the price ratio of the exhaust is fantastic.


  • a gigantic power supply;
  • empty RAM sockets are in hard to reach places;
  • a little Asian Manager interface software.

Author: Ivan Krylov

Picture device: Daria Nesterovskaya, Ivan Krylov

Source: 4pda.ru

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