9631 Overview Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III — and we waited 6 years?

Overview Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III — and we waited 6 years?

If the way of the samurai is death, the way space Marines is a death in the middle of nowhere in an awkward appearance armor, reminiscent of the suit the Base of Lightyear from “toy Story”. To say all hell blew up, and someone still got shot, yelled in his ear about honor, duty and Emperor. What can I say, the person badly familiar with the Warhammer 40,000 universe, its pathos, satire and aesthetics may seem a bit… funny.

But I know how to do a good work? Need to upgrade professional skill, and then be interrupted to go meditate in a Buddhist monastery, working as a janitor or a miner, to discover the wonderful world of cockfighting and the cocktail “Death in the afternoon”. To do series Company of Heroes, finally. And just repositioned herself, plucking seemingly foreign experiences like communicating with ghosts or bore of the bushing to return to previous occupation — what were the best so far. Approximately so did the Studio Relic Entertainment is releasing the third part of the series of real-time strategy Dawn of War six years after the second. Work?


WAAAAGH! what planet

Imagine a world the forty-first Millennium, where endless space is more or less developed and consistently finds a dozen groups, among them — the humans, orcs and Eldar. They then put up to fight the common enemy — such as tyranids in Dawn of War II, then crumble each other over resources, territory or just out of principle. This time the cause of contention was the spear of God Khana — artifact traveling together to the planet Acheron. Passions are running high additionally — according to the predictions of Acheron’s going to pop out of warp near the world Kiprus-Ultima.

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III

In order to meet wandering the planet and intercept the Marines Eldar, the Imperium of mankind sends into orbit Kiprus-Ultima Inquisitor Holt with the space Marines of the order of the blood ravens and their master Gabriel Angelos. The orcs hunted on the surface the collection of scrap metal, join the cause, as in the joke where the man first takes a turn, and then asks, “For what stand?”. However, over time, their leader Gorgutz still knows what all the fuss over the ancient stick — and, of course, shame on him if he left her with some poor humans. The Eldar under the command of the all-Seeing Mahi a point: in fact, Khan God of their people, so the spear must come back to him.

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Horns, like spiders in the Bank, three hand pull the blanket over himself, and their conflict in parts and paint reveals the story campaign of the seventeen chapters. The focus of Dawn of War III that already by the third Chapter, cease to pay attention to kinks with pathos, and by the sixth imbued with history so much that watching her development like a soccer match. Although rooting for someone one here is difficult because given a steer each of the races in turn. Here the orcs a burst of WAAAAGH! collected from dung and sticks Braavos and go on it to kill all the people. But the space Marines of the order of the blood ravens harness favelas orcish Horde. But who is in the right here without a hundred grams you will not understand, all the chapters are equally expressive and ambitious.

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III


Valor is in the details

But most importantly, why are campaign — to discover the rules of the game and prepare for the battles over the network. The basics of Dawn of War III is clear to all who even saw RTS: construction of barracks, from which hatches the infantry, factories for the production of equipment, as well as a pair of three auxiliary buildings. With the resources of a story to the whole set of minerals is at the point you want to stake out, stand on it long enough. And then, of course, to protect her from enemy attacks, because the income dripping fucking slow.

Not to prolong the already awkward pauses, the authors did resources the only place where you can place turrets — this slows down the transition of mines from hand to hand. On the one hand good and on the other — fuck you, not the installation of protective towers where your heart desires. This tactic is clearly suffering.

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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III

Nedoslov gameplay in one part of the dish, strategy overdo it in the other. That each race has a special style of combat is in order. People who are strong in infantry and cause the occupants falling from the sky the capsules, orcs improve yourself and build technique, collecting battlefield debris, Eldar — masters of the force shields and maneuver, to the extent that you can carry from place to place your base. But add to this the elite fighters with active abilities: Gorgutz throws a claw like hook-cat or furiously twirls it over her head, Angelos flinging enemies and bomb jumps into the crowd, Maha hurts a spear or creates around itself a deafening pitch. For each such trick must time press. Now imagine that in General all groups have a similar trick up his sleeve.

To switch from fire mode to melee? Throw a flash grenade? To recycle tank in the scrap pile, until it swept into the heat of battle? No problem: train to hit hot keys. And learn the maps so that waking up in the middle of night, just list all the loopholes and collect point of resources. When do you have a few dozen units with unique abilities everyone has, Willy-nilly, to show remarkable skill. And if story missions are just trash like all outlining the same frame and activate the techniques of only one character, the multiplayer is the similar does not suffer. And it turns out that the control here — the micro and the barrier to entry — macro.

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III

Network battle have in common Dawn of War III genre: which mode I choose, whether two on two or three on three, each of the parties have a common core that need to be protected from the enemy. So Kiprus-Ultima cannot be a situation from the category “database partner has already passed, and yet my holds.”


Horde Orc you comrade

Most often the player accesses the RTS genre for two things. He either wants to enjoy the view of destruction and explosions, or ensure that at another time, another place, he could command a squadron of hussars volatile, and even the whole army. Dawn of War III adequately responds to both whim. Adjusted for the performance of the computer, of course. Because the game requires not only manual dexterity and mental flexibility, but also gigabytes gigahertz. Therefore, in order to squeeze out of her comfortable frame rate on slow systems, you will have to put under the knife beauty. Otherwise you are waiting for bright, colorful, tastefully drawn and detailed destruction.

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But such a large flow when in the same Chapter of space Marines heroically beat off an attack on the ship “Helios”, and the next its fragments fall on Visitors to the Ultima, where they are processed orcs, victory is impressive much stronger. And even if the plot of the game does not excite sharp turns, and the missions do not Shine particularly diverse — they are not the essence. The trouble with Dawn of War III is different: trying to collect the cards of the first and second parts together, the authors made such obstacle nuances and small mechanic, that even cry. So recommend it purely fans of the genre and the Warhammer 40,000 universe. The rest entry point will appear in the eye of the needle — better try your luck in strategy from Blizzard.



  • epic scope, style and beauty battles;
  • unique faction with his approach to war;
  • this diversity of skills of the heroes and the soldiers still look;
  • so cool orcs you haven’t seen in games for a long time.


  • the same type of problem and the plot without surprises;
  • the area is little used in the tactics;
  • artificial intelligence left school in the fifth grade.


  • Platform: PC
  • Developer: Relic Entertainment
  • Publisher: SEGA
  • Release date in Russia: 27 April 2017
  • Localization: Russian interface and subtitles
  • Similar games: Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, Halo Wars 2, StarCraft II
  • Is it worth buying now: only fans of the genre

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