Owners of older flagships OnePlus dissatisfied with the company

The company OnePlus was one of the first updated its flagship smartphone OnePlus and 3T 3 7.0 to Android and then to Android 7.1.1, continuing punctually to release the new firmware. But, it looks like the manufacturer forgot about your other devices. For several months, users ask questions on the official forum about the update OnePlus OnePlus 2 and X, but the OnePlus ignore them. Dissatisfied with this state of Affairs the owners of older devices OnePlus has launched the service Thunderclap campaign on these issues.

OnePlus 2

According to the organizers of the campaign on Thunderclap, their goal is to show that the company OnePlus has forgotten about users of older devices. They recognize that OnePlus X due to the use of the old Snapdragon 801 processor can’t get Android Nougat, but security updates from the manufacturer should still produce. The OnePlus 2 is released in 2015, should get Android Nougat, but OnePlus refuses to provide any information and to make contact with users.

OnePlus representatives had no immediate comment on the situation.

Source: phonearena.com

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