OXI gives the smartphone capabilities of the computer (3 photos + video)

OXI наделяет смартфон возможностями компьютера (3 фото + видео)

Numerous attempts to create using software symbiosis of the smartphone and full-fledged personal computer was carried out by connecting to mobile devices of different computer peripherals. Microsoft has been experimenting with the ability to work smartphones with monitors, mice and keyboard. However, such innovations have not yet found support among the General public. The company Jide also introduced the expansion of its firmware and brought to the market a Remix version of the OS on Mobile, but our attention we will pay on the original decision of the company Auxens, which presented their project at the exhibition of mobile technologies mobile world Congress 2017 in Barcelona.

OXI наделяет смартфон возможностями компьютера (3 фото + видео)

A software product called OXI, in some respects similar to the version of Jide. The essence of the firmware is that when operating in smartphone mode, the user sees a traditional shell Android, but when you connect peripheral devices like a monitor for the possibility, by analogy with Windows to work with the change in the value of Windows, moving them around the screen. It is possible to continue to use a mobile device in the standard (usual) mode.

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Now firmware OXI created on the basis of CyanogenMod 13, but developers tend to move it to the Lineage OS 14.1. Presumably, all gadgets with support for Lineage OS will be compatible with OXI. While the device list is short, it includes: OnePlus 3, Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE Advance, 5X Nexus and Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 LT. On the approach of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. In addition, the company cooperates with Chinese firm Vernee, which produces smartphones. Read more about the new product can be found on the developer site XDA.

OXI наделяет смартфон возможностями компьютера (3 фото + видео)

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