Panos, Panay: Xbox One X demonstrates a high demand

Panos, Panay: Xbox One X demonstrates a high demand

In an interview with CNBC Panos, Panay said that the demand for Xbox One X was quite high. He did not mention the exact numbers or specific statistics of pre-orders, and is only limited to an abstract statement that demand is “very high”.

This demand was visible in fast change availability, as pre-orders for the new console was very cheerful. The console quickly sold by some retailers, although pre-orders available again at Amazon and Microsoft.

If you plan to skip pre-orders and pick up an Xbox One X the day of release, you may encounter some problems, at least in some regions. Microsoft UK has stated that it expects a shortage of the console at launch.


Of course, skeptics may not believe in such words (especially if there is no specific information on the numbers of pre-orders), but the picture around the world shows that the industry as a whole very well received Xbox One X and the console gamers actively began to buy the new version of the Xbox One. Many of the stores after the opening of pre-orders reported that all of the available console is already sold out. Because of this, Microsoft is warning users that after running possible problems with the supply of Xbox One X on the market, but the company makes every effort to meet the growing demand.

Xbox One X will output 1440p resolution when you connect to such monitors

Many will appreciate the fact that the Xbox One X will output 1440p resolution when you connect to such monitors. If the console was connected to a 1080p screen, the device would ensure the sensitivity of the image to 1080p. 4K and 1080p are not the only one on the market and many gamers prefer monitors with a resolution of 1440p. We heard a little bit about the 1440p displays when the console was announced, so many believed that the Xbox One X will display a stretched 1080p, even if the connected display 1440p. This will lead to less than optimal picture. Fortunately, it is not.

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Project Manager Kevin Gammill said that the console will output 1440p, if you find a 1440p monitor. This is great news for those hoping to use a 1440p monitor with their consoles because they don’t have to worry about image quality with 1080p massturbate.

XBox One released on November 7, 2017 and is the most powerful console in the world. The device has 6 teraflops of processing power and 12 GB of GDDR5 memory. In addition to this, Xbox One has a Blu-ray player 4K offers faster hard drive. Microsoft will hold a special event where visitors will be able to play on a new console, buy it, win prizes and just chat with interesting people. The company had previously stated that the XBox One X can be purchased for $499.


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