18520 Full review of iOS 11
Full review of iOS 11

Full review of iOS 11

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Full review of iOS 11

June 5 at the conference for developers WWDC 2017, Apple announced a new version of mobile operating system called iOS 11. On 19 September, after a dozen beta versions, the final version of iOS 11 was made available for 22 the mobile “Apple” devices-including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Полный обзор iOS 11 - вступлениеIn this article we will tell you about the most important and interesting innovations iOS 11, about which you must know.

The contents

  1. Interface changes
  2. Changes in the standard applications
  3. Changes in system settings and services
  4. Insights

Interface changes

Lock screen

Полный обзор iOS 11 – экран блокировкиThe first change that you will see immediately after you upgrade your smartphone or tablet to iOS 11, is the lock screen. In the first beta versions of iOS 11 Apple refused the strokes on the notification for fast action, but as a test decided to return this feature. At the time of the release of the new unlock screen devices to navigate through the notifications has been the most notable change in iOS 11.

Notification center

Полный обзор iOS 11 – центр уведомленийApple decided to change the design. the notification Center, which it became very similar to how notifications appear on the lock screen. In addition to information about applications, now there is time. The list is now divided into two parts: the first shows the current alert, but when using swipe vertically to these are added the previously viewed event.

Home screen

Полный обзор iOS 11 – домашний экранOn the home screen in the Dock icons have no labels. Apple suggest that there are the most important and most used programs, which do not require additional signatures users know which icon to which the application relates.

New app icons

Полный обзор iOS 11 – Новые иконки приложенийIn iOS 11 changed the icons of some apps. For example, were slightly modified Notes and Reminders, and the most radical changes happened with the App Store icon. Most likely, in the near future the company will be engaged in more serious redraw the icons of standard applications, because the current programs are too different in style icons. If you want to make sure, conduct an experiment, thus bracketing Settings, App Store, Compass, and Messages.


Полный обзор iOS 11 – обоиIn iOS 11 the developers have completely updated the collection of images for home screen and lock screen of iPhone and iPad. Now users have three pictures of the planets, the water theme, the six images of colors on background gradients, and the same number of color pictures with the “rainbow” in the style of early Apple logo. In addition, the company added two pictures with an eye to iPhone X: rainbow stripes on a black background and a solid black image. These images will help to reduce battery consumption on OLED screens, which don’t spend energy to display black.

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The control center

Полный обзор iOS 11 – центр управленияOne of the most noticeable and important changes in the iOS interface 11 has become the control Center. At the bottom of the blind, the developers have removed swipe to navigate between system toggles and music player, and the number of tools has significantly increased. Users can now add to the control Center is a new button for quick access to standard applications and to change them at its discretion. Pressure (for devices that support 3D Touch) on the blocks of player, wireless connections, volume and screen brightness will increase their size and to access to more functions. In devices without a 3D Touch these items must be held. In the control Center has added a new option record screen, which allows you to shoot a video of the action with the operating system. This can be done through standard, and with the help of third-party applications. Another new option was the mode “do Not disturb” for drivers that block notifications while you drive and allows you to automatically reply with a prepared phrase.

System indicators

Полный обзор iOS 11 – системные индикаторыInstead of round points, the signal quality of the cellular network in iOS 11 is displayed with a classic design in the form of sticks of different heights. Now on the right, near the clock icon is always on geolocation, which can be in the form of circuit no activity and becomes opaque when apps gain access to location information.


Minor changes happened to the animation in the operating system. For example, the multitasking bar now appears on the left side with the increase, it is otherwise removed card applications. If you’ve turned on activation screen when raising the iPhone, its display lights up gradually — like a gradient or wave. Another interesting feature of iOS 11 was that the look of the animation turn on the screen varies depending on your chosen Wallpaper. For example, if you have a rainbow picture with stripes, black screen diverges from the main strip, and the planets — from the lightest part.

The password entry screen

Полный обзор iOS 11 – экран ввода пароляIn iOS 11 changed layout keyboard when entering passwords. If earlier Apple used round buttons, they are now rectangular and increased in size. The old interface is left only when you unlock the device — numeric keypad there’s still round.


Полный обзор iOS 11 – клавиатураA standard keyboard is easier for those used to typing with one hand. Long pressing the Emoji shifts the keyboard interface in the direction of the thumb is that you can more easily print on the go without the aid of the second hand (especially true for owners of models Plus), and reduces the likelihood of accidentally dropping the smartphone.

Changes in the standard applications


Полный обзор iOS 11 – заметкиThe Notes app in iOS 11 was much more functional. Now the app lets you scan documents using the camera of a smartphone, add handwritten notes directly on the text, insert a sketch as a picture to a note and create the table.


Полный обзор iOS 11 – календарьSiri got better integration with Calendar. With the help of Apple Maps users will be able to see estimated time of exit to the meeting place, and on the basis of frequent visits to certain institutions, the Calendar will automatically suggest meeting places when creating events.


Полный обзор iOS 11 – камераThe iPhone camera is the number of standard filters for photos, and for editing Live Photo appeared three effects: looped video, “pendulum” and long exposure.

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Полный обзор iOS 11 – калькуляторThe Calculator app has completely changed the design, including icon, but functional differences from previous version not. Apple just changed the interface to better suit new operating system version.


Полный обзор iOS 11 – скриншотыAfter you create the screenshot now displays a pop-up window that allows you to open quick edit the resulting image without the need to open the Photo. In the list of available tools, see crop, brush drawing, and the ability to add text, captions and figures.


Полный обзор iOS 11 – сообщенияThe interface of the app “Messages” is also slightly changed. All add-ons, emoticons, stickers and so on — is now available in a special pop-up app bar at the bottom of the screen. For U.S. residents also have the opportunity to send money Apple Pay, iMessage, however, information about the launch of this feature in other countries yet.


Полный обзор iOS 11 – телефонMinor UI changes also touched the Phone app. The developers have increased the font size, the more noticeable the save button the dialed number, and the delete button symbols moved to the bottom of the screen.


Полный обзор iOS 11 – файлыIn the new app “Files” now displays the documents from iCloud and third-party cloud storages. For ease of search and organization has tags, tags, favorites, recent documents section.


Полный обзор iOS 11 – WalletThe app “Wallet” received compared to the previous version only the visual changes. The Apple designers decided to abandon the blur in favor of an opaque white background that will make the cards more visible.


Полный обзор iOS 11 – WatchThe signature app for the Apple Watch there are two new dial: Siri and a kaleidoscope that you can activate and install directly from your smartphone. The advantage is that when you choose kaleidoscope on the clock is available to the user preset only a few photos, and when setting dial on the iPhone the user can be based on any photo or picture from your library.

Changes in system settings and services

Settings — Bluetooth

Полный обзор iOS 11 – Настройки — BluetoothWireless AirPods headphones received new settings accessory. In addition to running Siri, and play/pause can now be assigned to “tapping” on the headset to skip to the previous or next track. It should also be noted that the right and left AirPods you can assign different teams.

Settings — Cellular

Полный обзор iOS 11 – Настройки — Сотовая связьUSSD-requests are used on a mobile device less, but if this problem still occurs, information about the basic operator commands can now be found in settings cellular.

Settings — control

Полный обзор iOS 11 – Настройки — Пункт управленияIn the “control Point” now you can add desired applications and actions for quick access, change their order and remove unused shortcuts and the least popular functions.

Settings — do Not disturb

Полный обзор iOS 11 – Настройки — Не беспокоитьAs we mentioned, the iOS 11 has a new option “do Not disturb the driver”, allowing less distracted by a smartphone while driving. You can choose to manually or automatically enable this setting, also set an auto-reply for those who will attempt to contact you during the movement.

Settings — General — accessibility — Adaptation of the display

Полный обзор iOS 11 – Настройки — Адаптация дисплеяMany people are surprised to learn that the “setting Screen brightness” now there is no switch to automatically adjust the brightness of the display. Apple decided that this option should be enabled by default for all users, and disable it is only in special cases — via the settings of “Universal access”.

Settings — General — Storage iPhone

Полный обзор iOS 11 – Настройки — Хранилище iPhoneSection “Storage, iPhone” is now not only reports the free and used memory on the device, but also gives recommendations for its release. The system advises users to turn on “iCloud photo Library”, the clear album of recently deleted photos, delete iMessage messages older than one year or heavy attachments. In the list of apps has not only the ability to remove a game or program, but also “unload” it. In the second case, the application will be removed from the device, but all data needed for its subsequent installation will continue. A similar opportunity arose in the settings, iTunes Store and App Store.

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Settings — Emergency call SOS

Полный обзор iOS 11 – Настройки — Экстренный вызов SOSIn “Settings” there is a new option for emergency calls. In this section you can add phone numbers to communicate with loved ones in the event of an emergency. To activate this mode, you must quickly press the switch button five times.

Settings — Accounts and passwords

Полный обзор iOS 11 – Настройки — Учетные записи и паролиThis section allows you to view all the automatically saved user names and passwords of websites and applications, and manually add and delete accounts for various services.

Settings — FaceTime

Полный обзор iOS 11 – Настройки — FaceTimeDuring video calls you can now do “Live Photos”, this option is enabled by default on all devices.

Settings — Camera

Полный обзор iOS 11 – Настройки — КамераIn “Camera” iOS 11 by default, the active scanner of QR codes, but this option can be disabled. In addition, iOS 11 iPhone 7 and later learned to shoot photo and video in two new formats HEVC and HEIF. Plus, these formats is that they take up less space than JPG or h.264, but it gives the same quality pictures.

It is worth considering that sharing such files without re-saving in the usual formats like jpeg to be problematic, so create files in these formats should be disabled.

To do this, you need to open “Settings” > “Camera” > “Formats” and choose “Most compatible”.

 App Store

Полный обзор iOS 11 – App StoreApp store in iOS 11 received a radically new design and new mechanics work. In addition to the search app updates, users can now find tips on using different programs, clips from gameplay games, more useful and interesting collection of apps and texts on games and applications at the intersection of interesting articles and reviews.

Apple Music

Полный обзор iOS 11 – Apple MusicOne of the key changes in Apple Music was the ability to browse popular tracks and playlists with friends. If you think your playlist is too personal and would not like to put them on public display, in the account settings, you can hide playlists from all users, and for the viewer to suggest other people send requests for access.


Полный обзор iOS 11 – iCloudFamily accounts have the opportunity to use a single tariff plan iCloud. In this case, between all participants will also share a place to store photos, videos, documents and files.


Despite the fact that the final version of iOS 11 was released just a few days ago, the network now you can find a lot of reviews about this operating system.
Judging by the reviews, most complaints about iOS 11 arises from the owners of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6. On these models the iPhone new OS is slower than iOS 10.3.3. We can recommend the users of iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 to wait the release of iOS iOS 11.0.1 or 11.1, in which situation the performance should improve.
In order to install the final version of iOS 11, you need to go to menu “Settings” → “General” → “software Update” and start downloading the updates appeared there.
Do you like the new iOS operating system 11? Share your answers in the comments!

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