About 30 thousand players of World of Tanks has put forward an ultimatum Wargaming

As in any online multiplayer game, gamers tank action World of Tanks grouped in clans. The number of members amounts to several hundred thousand people, and most of them actively involved in the development of a pet project. They regularly offer developers advice on improving the game. But lately, the clans in World of Tanks are going through hard times, and Wargaming in fact not paying it any attention. But the patience of the players came to an end, and they have teamed up to developers finally heard them.

World of Tanks

About 30,000 fans of World of Tanks United in a movement called the CONTRAS. It includes top clans and alliances of the Russian servers. They all decided to boycott the new season on the global map. Such a large outflow of players from the regime has not gone unnoticed. Participants CONTRAS require the company to revise the system of clans and other important aspects of the game.

At the request of users responded to the new head of the Minsk office of Wargaming Vyacheslav Makarov. He asked the representatives of the CONTRAS to send all offers to him on a personal e-mail and offered to hold a private meeting later this month to discuss further development of the project.

World of Tanks

In the list of requirements of participants of the CONTRAS included the following:

  • the restoration of prestige of a global map;
  • popularization of clans and clan activity.
  • the ongoing development of modes;
  • the desire of the players to constantly provide feedback to the clan Department.

CONTRAS traffic supports more players. Participants are encouraged to join players from other servers, including American, European and Asian regions.

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Source: lunawolfgaming.com

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