The latest manufacturer refused to smartphones with Windows 10

The latest manufacturer refused to smartphones with Windows 10

HP, like other manufacturers, abandoned plans to release smartphones running the Windows operating system due to the complete absence of Microsoft’s desire to fight in the mobile segment with Google and Apple. The head of HP EMEA (Europe, middle East and Africa), Nick Lazaridis, said in an interview with the Register that the company “sees no reason” to release new smartphones with Windows, because Microsoft itself turned away from the product.

At the end of 2016 there have been rumors that HP is working on a smartphone with Windows but now, for obvious reasons, the company abandoned these plans.

“Microsoft, as often happens with other companies, decided to change the strategy and now she is paying less attention to areas that were previously a priority. With this in mind, we also decided that without the efforts and support of all Microsoft it just does not make sense. We are not strong in software development alone can’t pull everything,” said Nick Lazaridis.

At the same time, the head of HP said that in the future the company does not exclude the release of new Windows phones, if Microsoft will change its plans for Windows 10 Mobile.

Recall that in the past year, HP has released a high quality device X3 Elite, which was primarily focused on the business segment. HP Elite X3 was the last hope for Microsoft in the mobile segment and the termination of release of this smartphone the last nail in the coffin of Windows 10 Mobile. Now you can finally forget about the smartphones on Windows 10, which does not leave in 2015.

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It is worth noting that earlier Satya Nadella has repeatedly said about the next smartphone that will be “uncompromising mobile device” and will “fundamentally different”. But, when will be presented this smartphone and change my mind if Microsoft release it, is unknown.

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