The latest beta of iOS 11 confirmed the rumors about the iPhone 8

Next month will be a presentation of the new iPhone. In the web you can find plenty of leaks about upcoming new products, and some of them are not “leaked” by Apple. For example, in the firmware of smart-column HomePod previously found a sketch iPhone 8, proof of a system of face recognition, as well as the size and resolution of a smartphone screen. Already no one doubts that the iPhone 8 will be virtually frameless, and will lose the branded Home button. As the management of the entire system was tied to this one button, many wondered how Apple will solve this problem. The answer to this question was discovered in the latest iOS beta 11.

Apple iPhone 8

After the installation of the seventh beta version of iOS 11 developer Guilherme Rumbaugh found in the system a video demonstration of the operation of the system. For example, opening a menu of all running apps swipe from the bottom of the screen. To see a demonstration of this process at the link.

Apple iPhone 8

More than this, swipe left on the lock screen opens the control center with access to quick settings. Recall that now thus starts the camera app.

Apple iPhone 8

The developer notes that these videos were present in beta versions of iOS 11 from may of this year. He also said that it can only be concepts, and to release everything can change. But even so, it is clear that Apple is already ready for a full waiver of signature “Home” button, which was present in all iPhone.


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