9033 Presented a children's bike Xiaomi QiCycle
Presented a children’s bike Xiaomi QiCycle

Presented a children’s bike Xiaomi QiCycle

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Edward Dvornichenko


Presented a children’s bike Xiaomi QiCycle

As you know, Xiaomi company does not only manufacture electronic gadgets and accessories. It also produces a considerable number of household appliances, lighting, and such “ground transportation” as the bikes.

This time Xiaomi has pleased us with a new product for their little clients Xiaomi QiCycle. This is a bike designed to provide a safe ride for kids: it will not be used for sharp details, and a chain and “sprocket” protected by a plastic cover, to prevent the possibility of contact with delicate baby skin and clothing. The wheel will be protected by the insertion of the foam is to protect the chest and face. The seat is made of soft material that will remove unnecessary strain on the spine of the child.

Представлен детский велосипед Xiaomi QiCycleXiaomi QiCycle may be used with pedals and without them. Without pedals the child is younger can learn to stand on their feet and keep balance, and eventually the pedal can be put to the older child was able to conquer vast parks, and take long walks (of course accompanied by their parents). Additional wheels for balance are also included. The bike is designed for a child up to 25 kg.

Bike Xiaomi QiCycle will be available June 9, 2017 at a price of about $87.

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