A professional photographer has tested the camera of the iPhone 8 Plus

Known professional photographer Austin Mann, travel around the world in pursuit of unique frames, shared his impressions from the camera the newly released iPhone 8 Plus. To test the new car, he decided in India, where full used everything suggested by the Apple features and capabilities. Note that the resource specialists DxOMark called the iPhone 8 Plus camera the best among smartphones.

Остин МаннAustin Mann

“While the iPhone 8 Plus not changed in appearance since the iPhone 6 Plus, it has new features that are really affecting creative professionals in all areas — first and foremost, this Portrait Lighting and a few other hidden “gems”,” — said Austin Mann.

The photographer said that when last year Apple showed a portrait shooting mode, he wrote about the huge impact that will have this feature, since the iPhone is a great tool for shooting people. Testing the iPhone 8 Plus, he remained in awe of the new features of Portrait Lighting. The photographer stated that it allows abandon of Studio lighting and a black background.

iPhone 8 PlusFrom left to right: “natural light, Studio light, contour light, stage light, stage light monochrome”

“After shooting about 100 portraits I can confidently say that the “Studio light” is my favorite effect. It gives a pleasant warm light the face and eyes of the subject. He does a good job of separating the person from the rest of the background, not doing anything too dramatic,” said the photographer.

Another important and seldom-mentioned innovation he called the possibility of using HDR mode portrait photography. The example below shows that activating HDR mode allows you to get in the picture much more detail.

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iPhone 8 PlusPhoto without HDR iPhone 8 PlusPhoto with HDR enabled

The detail of pictures is quite high:

iPhone 8 Plus

Another unnoticed feature Austin Mann calls the function of flash Slow Sync. It allows you to keep the shutter open longer to get more natural light. The resulting image not only lit using the flash, but is balanced by light from the environment that creates a more balanced shot with natural colors.

Comparison of flash on the iPhone 7 Plus (left) and the iPhone 8 Plus (right):

iPhone 8 Plus

When shooting objects, the situation is the same. In other words, this feature fundamentally changes the process of shooting in dark rooms, at parties and other places with poor lighting.

iPhone 8 Plus

We propose to evaluate a selection of photos from Austin on the iPhone 8 Plus while traveling in India:

And a few more shots:

Austin calls iPhone 8 Plus the best smartphone to create photos that can now be purchased. He is also looking for X iPhone with the new screen and even more advanced camera.

Source: austinmann.com

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