Qualcomm has filed another lawsuit against Apple

Qualcomm has filed another lawsuit against Apple

Litigation between the two companies Qualcomm and Apple lasted for about six months. Earlier we already wrote about the fact that Apple intends to abandon the modems Qualcomm in favour of Intel and MediaTek.

Today it emerged that the chip maker filed a lawsuit against the company from Cupertino. In the new lawsuit says that over several years of close cooperation, the company Apple had access to the source code of the software Qualcomm, which is confidential. The resulting data have been and can be used “Apple” in collaboration with Intel and MediaTek.

Let me remind you that the proceedings between the two companies also recently joined a giant like Intel. He has accused the company Qualcomm that they are in any way trying to remove their competitors. For example, Apple signed an agreement by which the iPhone uses only their chips in exchange for lower license fees.


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