10182 Qualcomm showed how to charge electric cars while driving

Qualcomm showed how to charge electric cars while driving

Qualcomm показала как заряжать электромобили во время движения

The American company Qualcomm has presented its technology for dynamic electric vehicle charging called the Dynamic Electric Vehicle Charging or Qualcomm DEVC.

What it is

Developed technology transmits up to 20 kW of power created by the development Qualcomm Halo and allows you to charge electric cars while driving.

How it works

For such wireless charging partner Qualcomm, the company Vedecom, built a special hundred-meter track with a built in floor charger. After this test was successfully conducted in two cars, and then charge them at the same time.

What’s next

This development company Vedecom under the supervision of Qualcomm deals 2014. The project is called Fabric, and it has already invested 9 million euros. What will happen with the project and where it will lead is unknown.

What to expect

To charge thus electric cars, for every road must stand similar devices. And if the project will continue to work to reduce the charging mechanism, it is quite possible that in the future electric cars will get charged with the development of Qualcomm and not worry about the stock batteries.

Source: Qualcomm

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