Racing game Asphalt Street Racing Storm was officially released on iOS and Android


Racing game Asphalt Street Racing Storm, first introduced a few months ago, was officially released for iOS and Android. Continuation of the legendary Asphalt series has been criticized for a “casual” gameplay, because in the past the game franchise has positioned itself as a driving simulator. It is understandable: developers tried to capture the largest possible audience. And not without success — trial Asphalt Street Storm Racing received a lot of positive reviews. Many players noted the low threshold of entry and a pleasant, entertaining gameplay.

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In the new part of the racing series players are invited to take part in drag-races on the streets of the largest and most picturesque cities in the world. The game boasts a great set of cards, as well as different weather conditions, which undoubtedly affect gameplay. Racing Asphalt Street Storm are Racing in the most extreme conditions, be it snow, heat or heavy rain, only win matters.

Asphalt street racing

Also the game is full of licensed cars of famous brands, from the old school “muscle” to the ultra-modern sports cars, with a designed, though, and arcade physics. Of course, players are available with a Toolkit for customization of cars, whereby each car can make a unique.

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The choice of the gamers Asphalt Street Storm Racing has both a single player campaign and race in PvP. The same players are free to do in-game betting, which adds to the rapid arrivals of excitement.

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The game is already available in the App Store and Google Play. It is a free-to-play title, which is based on in-game purchases. This may scare off some users. But it is important to notice that games in the genre of drag-racing on the market quite a bit, but because fans of the genre should pay attention to the Street Storm Asphalt Racing.


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