“Reel me in!” puzzle game with unique mechanics

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Smartphone hides a lot from its owner and can do what few people realize. A new game from the makers of many “Eureka!” (which had already downloaded more than four million) just for those who are not afraid to accept this challenge and to reveal all the secrets of your mobile device!

Platform: Android, iOS

Version: 1.0.0, 1.0.4

Russian interface: Yes

Requirements: iOS 8.0 / Android 2.3 and higher

Category: Puzzle

The main objective of the game is to solve the puzzle that the player will make its own smartphone.

App consists of levels, each of which the user sees the button “Finish” and the job. Button is locked, and to press it only after the player will realize that he needs to do at this level.

The job is a very remarkable collection of brainteasers, puzzles and riddles. They will force the player to shake and touch your smartphone to talk to him, to remove from itself away, to wonder what is on the screen, and desperately want to know the answer.

On some levels, the smartphone will begin to speak with the user on a foreign language or require it to change the some settings. Or maybe he asks a question, the answer to who knows only the search engine.

When it becomes too difficult, you can open a hint, however, is the number of points is reduced, and, if you often give up the slack, to become a leader of the rating game will be problematic.

Раскуси меня! Раскуси меня! Раскуси меня!

Among the unusual mind games with the highlight “Reel of me!” may well become a new favorite for anyone who’s friends with the wit and loves to make up his mind pretty fair shake.

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  • the development of unconventional thinking and ingenuity;
  • notable mechanics;
  • the opportunity to learn new features in the smartphone;
  • the system of records and achievements.


  • unassuming graphics.

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