10656 Rates of "Absolute Freedom" lifecell: more traffic for YouTube and TV

Rates of “Absolute Freedom” lifecell: more traffic for YouTube and TV

Freedom of communication with lifecell has become an absolute

Mobile operator lifecell announces the launch of “Absolute Freedom” – new innovative product line of tariffs “Freedom” enabled extra volume of the mobile Internet to view YouTube and TV. Thanks to the unique offer and the fastest mobile 3G+ Internet from lifecell, progressive youtubers got absolute access to your favorite channels and freedom from home Wi-Fi.

Users of smart phones, which penetration in the network lifecell is the highest in the Ukrainian market (60% at the end of the first quarter of 2017), are increasingly turning their attention to the tariffs, which include the volume required for each day of services does not require the connection of additional packages or a different SIM card. Continuing to develop and improve their tariff offers for owners of smartphones and 3G devices, operator lifecell has launched a unique tariff plan “Absolute Freedom” in the line of already popular tariff plan “Freedom”, which are the first on the market that allow cheap calls to different networks. The new tariff is aimed at a more progressive part of users – fans of mobile online video, particularly on the popular site YouTube, which you can watch anywhere, not tying themselves to a range of Wi-Fi.

Subscribers of the tariff plan “Absolute Freedom” can get 750 minutes for calls to any destination in Ukraine, up to 10 GB of 3G+ mobile Internet, up to 10 GB on watching YouTube and the popular video MEGOGO, OLL.TV, DIVAN.TV day (08:00-23:59) and unlimited access during the night (00:00-07:59). There is also the possibility, without charging to use Facebook and messenger BiP. At the same time, paying for the starter pack only 60 UAH, in the first month, the subscriber gets a free pack of M (which cost 125 UAH, included in the price of the starter package).

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In addition, subscribers of “Absolute Freedom” can do a follow-up package per month. If the finished package or part of a monthly package until after 30 days from the date of the last monthly payment, the subscriber can re-order it by typing the appropriate combination for a connection.

More information, detailed conditions of connection and use of the rate of “Absolute Freedom” can be found on the official website of the operator.

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