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Razer bought smartphone manufacturer Nextbit

Razer купила производителя смартфонов Nextbit

Manufacturer of gaming devices, Razer is expanding its reach into new segments of the market — the company announced the purchase of a smartphone startup Nextbit, founded by immigrants from Google and HTC. In 2015, they presented their first and only camera Robin with “endless” memory. Financial details of the deal, completed last week, were not disclosed.

What Nextbit

According to representatives of Razer, the startup will continue its work as an independent unit. What Nextbit will do next, not specified. As for the smartphone Robin, the last few months, the gadget is available for order through the official website and only some stores sell the remains. Warranty service will be implemented by six more months, moreover, the manufacturer promises to release updates throughout the year until February 2018. So, soon the developers will release an update to Android 7.0 Nougat.

Chapter Nextbit Tom moss said that they received bids from other companies. Someone showed interest in the hardware, others wanted to develop software (Robin is able to upload to the cloud all rarely used files and applications, if necessary restoring them). In the Razer team of the startup will do so, and others. From this we can conclude that Nextbit is dissolved in the parent company and is preparing a new interesting (or not) of the device.

The Razer smartphone to be?

Back in 2008 Razer bought the American manufacturer of portable computers ZOTAC, and in 2011 was presented the first gaming laptop , the Razer Blade. It is possible that even after a few years we will see a Razer branded smartphone with three screens in the latest fashion (the main thing is to follow the prototypes on presentations, unless someone is not swiped).

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Source: TechCrunch

Razer bought smartphone manufacturer Nextbit

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