The developers of Media Player Classic announced the “death” of the player

The developers of the popular media player for Windows computers Media Player Classic — Home Cinema, also known as MPC-HC, after 11 years of its existence has announced the release of the latest version and discontinued support of the project. Media Player Classic — Home Cinema was released in 2006 to replace the original Media Player Classic in 2003. Released recently version 1.7.13 will be the last. The main reason for support was the lack of developers interested in developing the program.

Media Player Classic – Home Cinema

“Over the last several months or even years, the number of active developers decreased and inevitably tends to zero,” wrote XhmikosR, project Manager for MPC.

In MPC-HC 1.7.13 remaining developers made a number of fixes and improvements. The team is ready to continue to develop the project. All concerned with programming experience in C and C++ can contact the developersto discuss the details.

If the project will not receive support, the released version will be the latest and updated player no more.

Download MPC-HC 1.7.13 for Windows


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