Repair iPhone X stands as a flagship on Android

Apple started taking pre-orders for the anniversary of the iPhone X, and with it, the company website has information about the cost of repair of the product. Like any other smartphone, the display is the most expensive component of the iPhone X. This is the 5.8-inch OLED screen with a Super Retina resolution 2436х1125 pixels, and if you inadvertently break it, be prepared to pay $279 — a price a decent Android smartphone average. But it’s nothing compared to how much it costs to repair more serious damage.

iPhone X

If the iPhone X has received additional damage besides the broken screen, the repair will cost as much as $549. For this money you can buy a flagship Android phone with the top “stuffing,” for example, OnePlus 5. Interestingly, the production cost of the iPhone X is only $412.


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