Review Impact of Winter — for the survivors of This War of Mine


The day of the 24th. He could get stuck and slowly lose strength. He was destined to freeze to death on the roof of a dilapidated gas station in the heart of the snowy wasteland. For a start he gets supercooled, and later on health will be affected by hunger and dehydration. In the inventory in store / / and stimulants, however, spend them now — just to prolong the agony. This was not in the script, but Jacob needs to die, because otherwise the trap will not get out.

Day ago everything went like clockwork — the warehouse in the sanctuary Laden with food, the companions were fed and happy, and the supply of water would be enough for the week ahead. The most annoying — before the evacuation were just a few days (hours, in terms of playing time). Pulled because hell be decided on the last RAID! Funny to think of all the dangers the icy hell deadlier than other were trifling technical error. Now menu life indicators showed depressing trends, and yet poor Jacob turns to ice, we’ll tell you what preceded this sad ending.


Lost in the snow

May 28, 2017 Earth collided with a giant asteroid — disaster of biblical proportions, with the global energy collapse and destruction of all terrestrial infrastructures. But killing humanity is not the lack of croissants at Breakfast, and abnormally low temperature prevailing on the planet after the cataclysm. Cold. The cold and the snow. In the game these events Packed into a couple of notes on the loading screens. Without any Intro the hero wakes up in the altar room of a small Church, and we, on this side of the screen, since the threshold fill an important information about the features of the interface and menus.

Impact Winter

This disjointed start is capable of great puzzle (we are ashamed to say, was hoping for a personal drama is not worse than in This War of Mine), but the game is tightly focused on the management and snot on the fist shakes. The plot is pushed on the top shelf in favor of gameplay — scenarios in Impact Winter an awful lot, and opportunities to establish post-apocalyptic life a lot more than time to open the first passage.

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Before the arrival of rescuers thirty cold nights. Close to four friend who need something to warm and inspire productive participation. Wendy cooks well and something good medicine. Blaine — an old soldier and knows a few hunting tricks. Christoph is a typical Prodigy programmer, and Maggie is a brilliant mechanical engineer. Jacob — our protege — this company plays the role of the leader and main breadwinner. He pulls into a Church with blood, and then mined loot, while the others follow his valuable guidance in the warmth and relative comfort.

Impact Winter

Directly control the satellites impossible, but their skills will be useful for crafting all kinds of improvements and Goodies. And develop your small municipality allowed as God put per capita. Maggie is committed to build shelter of the fortified Fort with an Autonomous system of water filtration, and blaine will teach the basics of survival in the wild. Want — pushing on cooking and “the soup”, I don’t want — perebivay pasture and rotten sandwiches. Optimal strategy the player is free to think on their own way, and the prospects in this regard are open a variety.


The hunger games

On the seventh day. Spent two hours in search of a container of food. Spent two hours waist-deep in snow… to No avail, it’s time to go. Wendy is sick and someone needs to figure out her medication. The hearth in the Church, barely alive, and the team now day eats from hand to mouth. Christophe in the power of depression and certain plans to slip away, pre-emptying the warehouse. Note to self — some energy bars this guy can not be.

The heroes are first and foremost a set of characteristics that need to be monitored and kept at an acceptable level. Rarely, very rarely among numbers, and scales erupt sparks personality: Maggie, for example, loves punk rock, and Christoph adores video games. However, all these touches are minor and are reduced to the prosaic terms of PEP in the special menu, so there is no one to empathize with and, most importantly, time. Once everything, to develop a shelter, look for the ingredients to set traps. A little greedy with the distribution of rations, prepare for crisis.

Impact Winter

But to look at the wreckage of civilization useful stuff incredibly fun — pathological hoarding is encouraged, and available for research the world is huge and clearly designed for multiple playthroughs. Most acutely the scale seamless maps feel in the moment when somebody of the companions gets injured, and you have headlong rush to help. Well even if the day is clear, and the radar works as it should — in a snowstorm and snowstorm to navigate almost blind.

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The distance, however, the worst of any bad weather. Based on indirect clues, Maggie supposedly able to build for Jacob’s snowmobile, because only try to understand what the chain of tasks you need to perform… the Course of the young fighter, as proposed at the start, didn’t even cover half of the available game mechanics. But the method of trial and error, there is something very realistic and catchy. Without templates and the linearity of the survival strategy is flexible, situational. In addition of excitement throw in the constant lack of resources and randomly generated events like a RAID by marauders or industrial injury.

Impact Winter

The special role is allocated between the trust, slightly offset the outer chaos. For example, the availability of a diplomat and protector ensures the preservation of resources and good health of the entire company after another bandit RAID. But companions are only four, and roles for them — almost three dozen, so to ponder the perfect combination of don’t stop the whole way.



The day of the 15th. Jacob is seriously wounded and with difficulty reached the heat, and wolves, we now go around in a wide arc. Painkillers, multivitamins, antibiotics pills go by the handful, but not as stabiliziruemost. Frantically searched the medicine, until a gentleman’s set of kits remains the pack seemingly useless bandages… bandages! Who would have thought that would work.

To make your life easier Impact Winter is not going to, and keep the player’s hand in a difficult situation, no one will. That’s only if the sketch above can still be attributed to a kind of challenge, in some cases, this approach is more like a disregard for the player.

Impact Winter

No, the feeling of utter powerlessness for the genre is quite typical. But the concomitant minor bugs give ground for serious doubt. What if the lack of practical advice in key moments — just a design blunder? Compared to other issues, this conclusion seems very plausible.

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Judge for yourself. Interface here the hostility is not inferior to the harsh setting. To master all the nuances of the management of resources will require tremendous patience, and multiple menus and pop-UPS interfere with one another at the program level. Moreover, the PC-version is simply unplayable without a gamepad, and even with her customer and then offers to use the buttons that are on the device was not spawn. Add to this spontaneously growing in the open field invisible walls. Wow “survival”, right?

Worst of all, the following: despite the huge amount of disadvantages, Impact Winter is terribly addictive and keeps in constant tension. At least until Jacob is at the very top, and not get bogged down in the textures — it appears time for reflection, and a couple of gentle address those who are all in a hurry (not) tested.

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In fairness, we emphasize that got us a pre-release version may differ from the final build. And the game itself, in defiance of logic, the blame does not want. The content here will last for a few thoughtful passages, and fans of the genre project to educate strictly indicated. But a friendly advice: wait a couple months till the novelty will not result in a divine form. And monitor the reviews on Steam. Because at this stage, Impact Winter, to tell you the truth, unbearable.



  • adventure survival simulator with realistic management of resources;
  • full nonlinearity and a lot of passing options;
  • spontaneous situations can be predicted, but it is impossible to calculate;
  • a huge map for exploration, and hundreds of caches of supplies;
  • impressive replay value.


  • a whole heap of annoying technical flaws;
  • without a gamepad, the Impact Winter will have heavy;
  • sluggish plot and characters-dummy.


  • Platform: PC (PlayStation 4, Xbox One — are expected later)
  • Developer: Mojo Bones
  • Publisher: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
  • Release date in Russia: 23 may 2017
  • Localization: full Russian translation
  • Similar games: The Long Dark, Don’t Starve, This War of Mine, The Wild Eight
  • Is it worth buying now? No, wait for patches and discounts

Download on PC

The author of the text: Anna Vasilieva


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