10686 Review Injustice 2 — even better than Mortal Kombat

Review Injustice 2 — even better than Mortal Kombat

They say the fighting game genre is very conservative. They say, to begin to play tricky to understand — more difficult, and to achieve a decent level at all under force to units. They say mere mortals do there is almost nothing saying that they are few, and increasingly in Japan, where the arcade is not a luxury, and trainers of Champions. Nonsense! Injustice 2 consistently and ruthlessly debunks the myths, showing what should be the battle, able to please everyone.

Myth 1: In fighting games you can’t play

A new series of fighting games appear very rarely, and even less fixed in the minds and hearts of players for a long time. Agree, much easier to deal with the continuation of a familiar cycle than to develop something from scratch. Street Fighter, Tekken or Mortal Kombat known — but who will remember the Dive Kick, Skullgirls or some Under Night In-Birth? Because it is believed that the barrier to entry is very high, and stumbles on it most of the players.

Injustice 2

Studio NetherRealm, the creators of the Injustice and much more well-known Mortal Kombat, fight with this setup. Every game is a step up from the hardcore combat system to an available option for those who are too lazy to memorize furious combos. In the end, the average gamer sits down for a fighting not to break into the blood own fingers.

In strict accordance with this philosophy, three buttons in Injustice 2 are responsible for weak, medium and strong punches, and the fourth allows you to activate a special ability. If you want you can grab scattered around the arena items and also to use them — again, with just one click. Finally, when filling to the max strip energy hands reach to activate super skill to enjoy the impressive scene, after which the enemy will be missing at least 40% life. Injustice 2 is deprived of even the division into rounds, each fighter enters the fray with double the health bar, and just for a second is interrupted when losing the first half.

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Injustice 2

Entertainment, simplicity and dynamics are the cornerstones of Injustice 2. While others are just finding their way to the masses, NetherRealm already there among the people.


Myth 2: the Fighting games quickly exhaust themselves and turn into merciless trainers

Now, we all know that to get pleasure from Injustice 2 does not need special skills except the ability to hold a controller. We’ll deal with what to do.

Injustice 2

The first tangible blow to the standards of the genre NetherRealm struck in the distant 2011: that’s when Mortal Kombat appeared somewhat rude, but impressive story mode. If, for example, the authors of Call of Duty and StarCraft unable to balance single-player and multiplayer component, then why is this still not smart enough in fighting games? For 6 years the concept of a monolithic narrative with a regular change of actors has stood the test of three games. Injustice 2 brings it to a new level, which largely contributes to the comic theme.

Injustice 2 is devoted to the characters of DC Comics — the Superman and Batman that we’ve dreamed of dressing up at children’s matinees. Or Wonder woman, which very soon will enjoy in cinemas. And nearly three dozens of bright and colorful personalities.

Injustice 2

The first part talked about how man of steel went astray on the basis of the death of the beloved, and then staged a tyranny to Earth. Batman headed the resistance, and eventually put him in a special Solarium, imitating the light of the red sun. It would seem, here it — a happy ending. But no. Left sympathizers. Left unflattened personal. Unfulfilled hopes and aspirations. And on top of the blue planet came the galactic scale villain Brainiac to defeat him the old enemies have to join forces… Or not.

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Story mode Injustice 2 is a dozen chapters of a single story, modest, but still non-linearity, two endings and a lot of movies with facial animation level Uncharted 4 and Quantum Break, no less. Blame it is only in the short — passing requires the strength of four hours. In the best case five to achieve the coveted one hundred percent.

Injustice 2

After the conflict superheroes will be exhausted, the hands themselves will be pulled to the regime of a “Multiverse.” This kind of evolution of the “Tower” from Mortal Kombat — sequential tests, often with different (mocking) modifiers. There are hourly, daily and weekly tasks, completion of which holds the promise of leveling and rewards. And this diversity selects Injustice 2 some of these games.


Myth 3: Balance in fighting games does not tolerate changes in the characters

The story mode, three dozen men and a handful of the modes in Injustice 2 is supported by a system of gear and leveling. Success in the arena will be awarded with experience, and some have special boxes. They can be detected, for example, a new helmet for a Flush or a corset to Catwoman. Items are countless, and they vary in level and rarity, give different bonuses and are collected in sets.

Injustice 2

Someone probably will argue and say, well, the customization is, in a great variety of games. But in Injustice 2 all wearing the items somehow change not only the appearance but also the characteristics of the ward. A little effort, and there’s your Aquaman was two times stronger than the standard version, and the Cheetah began to move a little faster. In other words, configure the appearance not only affects appearance, but also brings real benefits. Until additional techniques.

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Only one the creators of the Injustice 2 did not depart from tradition. For fun online can be measured levels and the found things, but in a competitive game setting disables any modifiers. This is logical: if you want to claim the Olympic gold, Meldonium and steroids have to give.


Dawn of justice

Remember, we started with the conservatism of fights and potential Injustice 2? The offspring Netherrealm has everything to popularize the genre and become a role model. Outdated Street Fighter V, Tekken 7 retrograde and significantly inferior to the popularity of Guilty Gear Xrd will hardly be worthy competition.

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To prevent the success of Injustice 2 is only one — insane popularity of Mortal Kombat. Four years ago, it easily overshadowed all the achievements of the first battle of Superman and Batman. Let’s hope that the second attempt NetherRealm to pit famous characters of DC will not be in vain.



  • DC universe Comics, with many well-known characters;
  • available mechanics, with which you can quickly understand;
  • huge potential in leveling and collecting items;
  • stunning graphics and animation;
  • traditionally strong soundtrack;
  • stable network code.


  • it’s not Mortal Kombat;
  • the story mode takes place in a matter of hours.


  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Developer: NetherRealm Studios
  • Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
  • Release date in Russia: may 19, 2017
  • Localization: Russian interface and subtitles
  • Similar games: Mortal Kombat series, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Street Fighter series
  • Is it worth buying now? Yes

To download on the PlayStation 4

To download on Xbox One

Author: Elena Pokrovskaya

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