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Review LG Force (HBS-S80): drill press with music

How to combine business with pleasure — playing sports and listening to music — without raspugivali surrounding stentorian voice Bluetooth speakers or headphones every minute of fishing, falling out of the ears on the run? The answer is simple — playing sports wireless headphones, such as Force LG HBS-S80. Physical activity by itself produces a lot of positive emotions, and in combination with good music.

Specifications Force LG HBS-S80

  • Type: wireless
  • Acoustic design: closed
  • Design: in-ear
  • Drivers: dynamic Speaker Unit Quad Layer
  • Bluetooth Version: 4.1
  • Supported profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, Hands free, Headset, AptX
  • Time of Autonomous work:
    • telephone calls: 6.5 hours
    • listening to music: 6 hours
    • standby: up to 398 hours
  • Distance of wireless: up to 10m
  • Weight: 27.5 grams

Packaging equipment

The headset is compact, but comes in quite large cardboard box with a plastic transparent top, through which the “ears” can be considered. The cover shows running man, and for good reason — according to the manufacturer, the device is ideal for outdoor sports that has been tested during training.

LG Force (HBS-80)

Inside the package the headphones tightly secured in the plastic cavities. Beneath them is a flat box that hosts the rest of the accessories. Manufacturer they are not stingy and put the box in a nice suede case and two sets of replaceable ear cushions a little more and a little less than those already on the headset. That’s right, because usability depends on whether they are appropriate in size to an ear of the user: too small or too large will fall.

LG Force (HBS-80) LG Force (HBS-80)

Also included is a charging cable (uses a regular micro USB) and user’s manual.



Buyers are three versions of headphone: silver, blue, and visited more calm grey LG Force. Wish there was some cheerful coloring for example orange.

LG Force (HBS-80)

“Steadfastness” of the headset provides a special bracket, located behind the ear and pressed against her earpiece. The housing rotates, thus allowing you to individually adjust the fit by making it tighter or, on the contrary, weaker. He’s made of plastic, and the fastening of soft silicone. Both the earpiece are connected by wire, the length of which is adjustable. The right side of this wire there is a small control unit with three buttons and a microphone.

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LG Force (HBS-80) LG Force (HBS-80)

In the case of the right earphone is placed the charging port, protected by a plastic flap. Next to him is the power button and the indicator light blinking when you turn on the gadget.



The vendor is positioning as a headphones specialized training, and they are protected from spray standard IPx5 — that is, in water it is better not to drop, but if while Jogging on the street suddenly began to drizzle, that is no reason to hide the headset in his pocket, abandoning the music. Also they are not afraid of sweat, in intense sports activities should not be underestimated.

LG Force (HBS-80)

Stock volume is enough for a hall and streets — be it the Park or the sidewalk of a wide Avenue. The ear cushions fit snugly to the ears and provides very good sound insulation even with a slight effect of “sealing” that everything that is happening around them, audible but barely. In the hall is a plus: nothing distracts from the work, the background music does not interrupt your own playlist. In the hall you can go to headphones, even without music — dim the ambient noise helps to concentrate.

Passive use — sitting on the ground or doing strength exercises, but no sudden movements — LG Force kept my ears perfectly. If you go for a quick run or start active exercises, they can be a bit slippery, but thanks to the mounts do not drop out. It is important to choose ear pads in size: otherwise LG Force as any other in-ear headphones, keep bad.


Connection and autonomy

Is the process “first meeting” of the gadget with a smartphone is quick and without problems — you have to hold down the power button on the left hull — flashes the blue led. Then you should run a scan for Bluetooth devices on the smartphone — should be detectable device “HBSS80”, the connection which must confirm. After turning off the headphone connection is stored, so that subsequent pairing already do not require additional manipulations.

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LG Force (HBS-80)

Resource Autonomous work of the gadget, according to the manufacturer, six and a half hours of talk time in headset mode and six hours when listening to music. On testing in mixed mode with continuous use (voice calls accounted for about one tenth of the total time) the headphones have managed to survive on a single charge 6 hours and 10 minutes. For sports headset that’s more than enough for a marathon enough with a large margin, a candidate master of sports in two distance.

When you switch the device about the battery level reported by the voice assistant (only in English), and in the status bar of the smartphone next to the Bluetooth icon displays a “thermometer” by which one can judge about the battery status of the paired gadget.



Start listening with the routine, but absolutely necessary operation — the selection of nozzles. Complete three caliber, but even the large fit in the standard size M (slightly more than 12 mm in diameter, and L should be 13,5–14 mm).

At first, with them the sound lacked bass basics, but after some time, “Cestoda” improved, and low acquired an impressive depth and density. Regular brush head soft and not pressure on the ears, and if you want the “sausage” bass, you can put the inserts from KZ L size, but they are tougher and not nearly as comfortable as regular.

LG Force (HBS-80)

As audio source — smartphone LG V10 that support aptX Protocol from Qualcomm, but as HBS-S80, not a trained aptX HD. This means, for music and sports accessory signal will be transmitted with a resolution of 48 kHz/16 bit. No great loss, if not to keep the mobile files Hi-Res. But sports headphones few would listen to classical music or audiophile jazz, high resolution.

To listen were the music is chosen “simpler” and more feisty: album 2017-year merry band Dropkick Murphys, heavy funky Blues Eric Gales (2010), a compilation of the most rhythmic things Creedence Clearwater Revival and Deep Purple, specially selected to work with the iron in the gym, as well as the double album “Qlimax Rise Of The Celestials” (if someone does not know, this is hardstyle).

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So, with the correct size tips the frequency balance is close to ideal. The clean sound is typical of the distortions that were characteristic of the majority of Bluetooth headphones a couple years ago, not heard. This level of sound decent wired model.

The degree of sound insulation is optimal for sports — noises do not interfere with listening to music, but complete disconnection from the external environment, which can be dangerous.

LG Force (HBS-80)

Pleasantly surprised by the accurate transmission of rhythmic structures and the rate of pulse rise — this is evident in the crisp and clear sound of the drums. Goes great dance electronics. Even in intense areas on hard rock is not brewed congee — instrumentation legible and do not merge with each other. The sound, the picture retains the integrity of the separate sound images occupy a stable position in space and not “walk” across the stage.

Overall sound neutral, genre preferences headphones do not show. However, the emotional charge of the music is transferred appropriately: when you listen to Dropkick Murphys, I feel unbridled joy, Eric Gales and Deep Purple give a powerful burst of energy, and under the CCR is easy to overcome a long distance on a treadmill.

The voice quality when talking on the smartphone at a decent level, and the interlocutors do not complain, — the microphone is sensitive. Make a call using the button on the wire near the right ear. There is adjustable volume.


The results

Bluetooth headphones LG Force is a successful example of the high quality of sound and wearing comfort practically any kind of options activity, whether it’s strength training in the gym or the morning forty-minute jog in the Park… any time of year, in any weather. Also pleasing and long-lasting battery life, eliminating Intrusive communication of the charger with the socket.

LG Force (HBS-80)



  • decent sound;
  • reliable fixing on the ear;
  • small dimensions and weight.


  • modest colors.

The authors of the text: Vasily Zuev and Alexander Mitroshina.

Picture device: Daria Nesterovskaya

Source: 4pda.ru

Review LG Force (HBS-S80): drill press with music

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