4436 Review MSI Nightblade MI3: confidence in the future
Review MSI Nightblade MI3: confidence in the future

Review MSI Nightblade MI3: confidence in the future

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Modern iron — gift for any fan of interactive entertainment. NVIDIA has created a chic generation of powerful and relatively inexpensive video cards, and manufacturers have picked up the trend and lumped them on the PC all possible shapes and colors. I want a quiet, slim and compact PC for controversial toys — that’s you. Small but powerful system unit to play at maximum speed — please. Climb the tree, and wallet not to lose. MSI Nightblade MI3 offers.

MSI Nightblade MI3


Big brother

If you missed out on 4PDA review older model compact PC from MSI, not really followed the market or you simply don’t want to understand — read the previous material. In this simple language learn about progress and new technology — short and to the point. And we’ll move on to the fun part — the filling “Nightblade”.

MSI Nightblade MI3


MSI Nightblade MI3: specifications

Several configurations. Test instance contained the coolest “stuffing”, which only can be choose for the model, however there are versions and easier: you do not need extra computing power, but saved a few thousand rubles in his pocket couldn’t hurt.

  • Type: compact gaming PC
  • Case: mATX tower, MSI
  • Power supply: 1U, server, 350W, certificate efficiency 80%+ Bronze
  • CPU: Intel Core i5–7400 (3,0–3,5 GHz, 6 MB L3 Cache, 65 W, Kaby Lake)
  • The GPU processor: 630 Intel HD Graphics, 350/1000 MHz
  • Discrete graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060, 6 GB GDDR5, brand cooling from MSI
  • RAM: 16 GB DDR4 2400 MHz (up to 32 GB, 2 x SO-DIMM)
  • Chipset: Intel B250
  • SSD: 256 GB M. 2 PCIe-3 x4 (there is a place for the second SSD)
  • HDD: 2,5″ 1 TB (+2 connector 3.5″ disks)
  • Interfaces: 1x GigaBit LAN (Qualcomm QCA8171), USB 3.1 Gen1, Type C, 5x USB 3.1, 2x USB 2.0, HDMI v2.0 (VR-Link), v1 mDP.2, SPDIF, 5x mini-jack, PS/2 combo
  • Wireless interfaces: Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3168 (M. 2 2230), Bluetooth T4.2
  • Operating system: Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
  • Dimensions: 13×34×27 cm
  • Weight: 6-7 kg

A few words about “stuffing”

Quad-core i5 processor based on the architecture of Kaby Lake is different from his older brother (i7) the lack of Hyper-threading, two megabytes of cache memory of the eight and slightly lower clock frequencies — marketing-p task-it affects approximately no real difference in performance will be noticeable when adding to the archive multi-Gigabyte files or when you work on installation of any video.

Base CPU frequency — 3.0 GHz, if necessary, the system can turn up the heat and increase it to 3.52 GHz. By itself, “stone” supports up to 64GB of RAM, but the games (yet) so it is not necessary, and the motherboard has its limitations (two connectors SO-DIMM), so 32 GB is the limit for MI3. The integrated video core Intel HD 630 will not work, to turn the world 3D picture on the screen is one better.

MSI Nightblade MI3

Versed with graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 in the version of 6 GB VRAM — great video of an average price segment. In most tests, it easily disposes of last year’s consumer flagship GeForce GTX 980 (or 980Ti version, though, is attributed to the enthusiast), and the new DX12 API and Vulkan are a beginner only increases the separation from the veteran.

Rest is more or less standard and needs no introduction.

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MSI Nightblade MI3


Design and appearance

If the hull of the Aegis was a strange, but effective, Nightblade MI3 in the background looks simpler as carefully assembled mini-system unit with illuminated front panel. No fancy stands or cunning ventilation grids.

MSI Nightblade MI3

From the unusual — USB ports and the power button is not in front, not from above but on the right side. With plans to put this guy to the wall, you may have to leave layers that will not connect, and the gap for air circulation and cooling of such compact computers is important.

MSI Nightblade MI3



Selection of iron excellent: weaknesses no, configuration is very balanced. In 4K you can play at the “console” graphics, but much more interesting results in the more common 2560×1440 and 1920×1080 on these permissions, the stock performance will be enough for another year or two or three.

In a couple of this done is to take a monitor with high refresh rate of 120 or 144+ Hz. The function of G-Sync is certainly good, but models of monitors with a proprietary interface NVIDIA are obscenely expensive and the benefits are not so great, especially given the innovations in graphics Pascal.



Testing methodology — a classic. Take popular synthetic benchmark for the objective evaluation of the performance of the system as compared to solutions in the same price segment. But the reality is, as usual, is different from the world refined the theory, so there will be further tests in the most popular games. The list has been selected so to use the computer in various scenarios: the use of open and proprietary graphics libraries, old and new technology transformation models, textures and scripts in a stunning picture. All tests are conducted at maximum settings. Permission for testing is selected in accordance with the level of iron makes no sense to test 4K where normal 1920×1080 not all fit in the budget.


3D Mark TimeSpy

The beauty of 3D Mark and in their online database. You can see how last year’s options on the GeForce GTX 970 and GTX 980 in conjunction with similar iron work for the same scene.

MSI Nightblade MI3

The funny thing is that after a year of the system with GeForce GTX 970 and GeForce GTX 980 will dramatically take the position as your memory they will become longer, the margin performance there, and a temper hotter than a beginner. The thermal interface is not eternal, slowly begins to degrade. A GeForce GTX 1060 only reach your full potential with a lick to Shine drivers, and active exploitation of igrodelov technology that can effectively utilize the full power of Pascal’her.


Battlefield 1

Damn beautiful online shooter about First world knows how to actively use bonuses from DX12 low level API, and can work with DX11 classic: easy to compare. It just so happened that a new APIs give more benefits red than green, and the effect becomes noticeable only at high resolution. True, the graphics on the DX12 better, and utilization of resources of the video card above, so the results are predictable.

MSI Nightblade MI3

A decent result, and at 2560×1440 or 4k DX12 will be faster as well.



ID Software goes its own way, and the latest DOOM, like its predecessors, exploits the open graphics library OpenGL. In addition, one of the recent patches, the developers added the ability to use low-level API Vulkan.

MSI Nightblade MI3

OpenGL all C apparently this is an old player in the market for a long time competing with DirectX. Vulkan is largely reminiscent of the graphics API used in consoles. It efficiently loads of computing power, but it is much more complicated in terms of code and demanding on the memory subsystem bonuses regarding classical library begin today with 4 GB of memory and bandwidth in the area of 170-200 GB/s, and the increase is noticeable only in the game at a high resolution from 2560×1440. GeForce GTX 1060 has both, the result is appropriate.

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MSI Nightblade MI3



We are tired of singing the praises of the creative Rockstar, and you probably bothered to read them. Optimization of the fifth part of the famous series has always been at altitude (unlike GTA IV), but for the sake of interest look at the results.

MSI Nightblade MI3

No explosions, no waterfalls, no lead rain not able to push below a comfortable 60 fps. What we wanted to prove.


Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

To fight evil in Full HD without problems: the max settings give good 50-60 fps, and reasonable, and does allow you to forget about any brakes and logs.

MSI Nightblade MI3

Fighting in the Witcher, the high complexity is extremely demanding timely reaction to events, and nothing helps to hone skills and to save some nerves, as a stable frame rate. Fortunately, There are ready to provide you with the necessary computing resources.



This is what happens when programmers are not lazy to spend time and resources optimizing: 60 fps for wimps, we count not less than 120, “frags” stuffed one by one.

MSI Nightblade MI3

And if the Overwatch system has managed, with CS:GO and other eSports tinsel will understand effortlessly.


Dark Souls 3

Oh, those Japanese: all actions are tied to frames of the animation, which means that its maximum frequency is strictly limited. But any lag or slowdown can kill — that in the battle with the boss at unknown location. So, what did they show?

MSI Nightblade MI3

To expect from the GeForce GTX 1060 in conjunction with a i5 different result would be weird. I don’t care that the engine is outdated for five years, and a graphic component since Dark Souls 1 really has not moved forward. Souls out of anyone will make patient and calm samurai. Well, or neurotic.

Approx.: Drawdown in the statistics caused by the network code, and the transitions from location to location, the whole combat gameplay runs at 60 frames per second.


SteamVR Test

GeForce GTX 1060 is on the verge of what can be called “sufficient” for modern VR and the nearest future similar activities. Yes, matching helmets headset are very expensive, but what can you do, progress requires sacrifice.

MSI Nightblade MI3

In real projects, perhaps the quality of the graphics will have to lower a little heaven with high settings on the mountainous expanse just “high”. One pleases: PlayStation VR, even this configuration can not handle.


Summary table: MSI Nightblade MI3, i5–7400, 16GB RAM, GTX 1060 6GB

MSI Nightblade MI3


Senior and Junior

From Nightblade MI3 has several configurations, and if the difference in games between i5 and i7 is almost imperceptible, something about GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and GeForce GTX 1060 6GB won’t say that. In fact, between these cards, there is another, younger version of the GTX 1060 with 3 GB of video memory, but MSI has no such configuration: Ti or 1050 or 1060 elder 6GB. How different the cards performance? You will be surprised.

CPU GeForce GTX 1050 Ti is much smaller than the full-size GeForce GTX 1060, but it does not mean that the MSI Nightblade MI3 in elementary configuration of a confident gentleman will turn into a whipping boy, in a classic Full HD resolution, the graphics card 1050 Ti almost everywhere gives 60 frames per second. In some scenes the figure on the counter more, some a little less, and this, for a moment, on the highest setting. If you do not require “bling” is impossible, and lowering the settings to just “high” to fly is everything. Drawdown fps if they do, then in 90% of cases would be to blame or hard drive (suddenly took the textures that are not in “RAM”), or the network connection (the game uses a “hard” connection waiting for responses from the server). About Counter-Strike, DotA, League of Legends and StarCraft other s and can not speak: 1050Ti easily grinds them, and performance isn’t due to the graphics accelerator, and the overall throughput of the memory subsystem or one thread per processor. What can we say about the older version with the GeForce GTX 1060, which in games piles of last year’s flagship GTX 980?

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MSI Nightblade MI3

It is one of the left is taxing almost everything in the resolution of 1920×1080, allows you to comfortably play at 2560×1440 and pull the “console” graphics settings at 4K resolution: the benefit of 6 GB of memory even allow such a use. Add to this the inherent in Pascal enhancements for support of future technologies, multi-monitor configurations, VR, improved texture compression… GeForce GTX 1060 will delight you the next couple of years with excellent graphics, and a further increase in the popularity of graphic libraries DX12 and Vulkan only more fully reveals the advantages of the new architecture will allow NVIDIA and squeeze all the juice out of a very capable iron.


For whom are you created Nightblade MI3?

If you’re a fan of eSports disciplines, the rest is played purely for speed, and graphics you do not care — you can save a little and instead of the MSI Nightblade MI3 to take her younger version. She will also rant and rave in undemanding projects, and the extra money can be spent on super-fast monitor: the benefits will be more.

MSI Nightblade MI3

For all other MI3 — is the “Golden mean”. He is not worth a fortune (the price tag will start from 60 thousand rubles), runs everything on maximum settings in Full HD resolution, is quiet and takes up little space, and performance patches and driver updates will only grow. Don’t forget about the expansion Vulkan’and DX12 — later games will better utilize the computing power of iron. The next 2-3 years it will be possible to place new items on at least high settings and not worry. Elaborate design, excellent cooling and a reasonable choice of “toppings” to make the MSI Nightblade MI3 a perfect PC for the home.


The sum of qualities

By may, when will the official premiere of MI3, in the middle segment is unlikely that will change. Wait another 6-8 months until prices down, and you can choose something topical… With this approach, no one bothers till the next announcements to wait, and do not upgrade their hardware. Yes, the MSI Nightblade MI3 does not set performance records or silence, and his body will not be placed in the Museum of modern art, but in one candy bar definitely a winner. In the category of “reasonable choice”. If you want to update in the here and now, to play all the games with beautiful graphics and no steam, that will be something that your system will not be on the shoulder — you know who to rely on.

MSI Nightblade MI3



  • compact, and quiet;
  • GeForce GTX 1060 works great in conjunction with a Full HD monitor;
  • compatibility with VR;
  • easy to upgrade and modify.


  • brush the dust harder than a regular PC;
  • upgrade is limited by the power supply;
  • a unique approach to design, translation and usability of proprietary software.

Author: Ivan Krylov

Picture device: Daria Nesterovskaya

Source: 4pda.ru

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