9763 Review of Little Nightmares severe addiction style INSIDE and LIMBO

Review of Little Nightmares severe addiction style INSIDE and LIMBO

Remember the most powerful epic of Nikolay Nosov, about the little man, who watered each other with the castor oil, build communism and fly to the moon, where the bourgeoisie of cartoons Kukryniksy? In the center of the story there is a fighter with the system and cheerful imbecile named dunno. Now, if the hero was a girl, was into hard drugs, and not on the gingerbread, and instead of the moon would fall in the hell would make a game Little Nightmares. Actually, she already went though where. Why its worth to buy and pass — read our review.

Sit down to eat, please

The social context here is not exactly smaller than in the books Nosova: fat to shortness of breath Robin-bobbin queue are drawn inside the barge, where only doing it to indulge in gluttony. The resort mixed with meat is called the Womb. The tables under the glossy mugs are full of eatables, and the leaning tower of dirty plates grow to the ceiling. But behind the scenes, this feast moves to the strange surrealism of the world: a prison with a blind overseer, who catches fugitives with their disproportionately long arms, a kitchen with serving their louts in creepy masks… And wearing a yellow raincoat baby girl. named Sixth. She needs to Wade through all the nightmares of the Womb, to overcome hunger and disgust, to understand what’s really going on, and at the same time to meet face to face their own fate.

Little Nightmares

Along the way the heroine has not easier than Frodo in Mordor: her figure is so frail that it seems that snot destruct — and persecutors, on the contrary, entirely giants. This will shrink in the hand — only the wet spot remains. The objects around the Sixth giant: no jump her not to climb on the chair and not to grab the door handle, often used as ladders bookshelves, moving suitcases or stool. To strengthen the effect of Little Nightmares from time to time gives the camera angles that take your breath away. However, in a miniature growth has its benefits. Ventilation for the girl in the yellow tunnel, the chute, the lift, the shadow under the table — a safe shelter.

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But despite the name, creepy enemies and gargantuan sets, the universe of the game is no pressure and it is not scary — rather intriguing. After two or three meetings with the inhabitants of the world they cease to fear, violence and bloody paintings on the walls, as in Outlast 2, here, yeah, no. And if it comes to chill, in quite unexpected places. For example, when a skinny boy from behind bars heroine throws a piece of bread. When you find yourself in a room littered with shoes like Elevator — grain. Or when you realize why the authors originally wanted to call his work Hunger, i.e. “Hunger”.

Little Nightmares

The important thing is that on the background of discoveries, Little Nightmares don’t consume yourself in cheap emotions and not lose the fabulous atmosphere. In any situation, in any environment here has more in common with the stories of Hans Andersen and Lewis Carroll, than with horror.


The devil is in the details

The gameplay, aesthetics and internal logic Little Nightmares very similar to LIMBO and Playdead INSIDE the Studio. You could say it’s the root of things. Until Frank quotes: here we cross the room, hiding in the shadows of the radiant eye, but tinkering with a lever to curb the inertia scurrying up and down the platform. Falling from the ceiling slugs killer again cause persistent Association. But Beethoven so cleverly borrowed from Handel, but Brodsky — Mandelstam how employees Tarsier has attached to it ideas of Danish colleagues. About a blind copy, there is no question — where Playdead takes a step, there is a Tarsier makes two, bringing the techniques to perfection.

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Little Nightmares

Puzzles appear in a new light thanks to three-dimensional space. On the one hand, this leads to annoying bugs like falling into the abyss or miss interactive object, but a lively variety to the stealth. Here sometimes do what in the INSIDE not even thought, mentally plotting a route through a room with enemies, in advance estimate the direction of the jump from the counter and notice the places where you can sit during the alarm. But such a seemingly small thing as a lighter is the only weapon of the heroine — is not only useful for lighting the way. Can’t reach the light switch in the bedroom? Slide fire on the fingers of the sleeping chef — he will Wake up and do everything for you.

The experiments and makes a nice physical model. Things in the Womb react to the swaying of the barge on the waves, any reasonably small object can be lifted and moved from place to place, and fragile — break. The game illustrates the difference between “push” and “pull” — try to do both with the suitcase. Unfortunately, the maniacal focus of the authors on the details not resulted in scattered through the levels, the secrets, the hidden space, alternative loopholes. So passage more or less straightforward, and we can only find this line in the darkness.


Little beauty

Paradox: not offering anything revolutionary, the authors synthesize emotions on seemingly level ground. You feel sorry for the injured monster, which is a couple of rooms ago the heroine was off for ventilation, then laughed in a situation where others have thickened the atmosphere. For example, monster cook not so terrible, if you climb on the wardrobe and throwing the enemy in the head with a bottle, Yes the pots while he rages helplessly at the bottom. And how do you turn on the music somewhere in the second hour of the story? The danger has passed, the girl calmly stomping to the exit location — and then in the protracted silence weaves a disturbing melody. Hey, it is necessary to use a soundtrack for action and discharge — the tradition says. Do not — meet the developers of the Tarsier — and here’s why. Just amazing how seamlessly they pull similar numbers.

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Little Nightmares — adventure for all, a game with soul wide open. Beautiful, calm and logically complete platformer where frequent death of the heroine moves to throw your controller at the wall. And where the pace is measured on medical scales. Because when furtively sneaking under stools and the boxes is always the same time, as the adrenaline sprint of the chase. About the one regret in the end, the story is too short but to go back to it again does not make sense.



  • nice aesthetics and talented audio-visual performance;
  • interesting and logical puzzles;
  • unexpected emotions;
  • attention to detail;
  • well-calibrated temp;
  • the finale closes the topic — there is not one truck that was INSIDE.


  • the authors are sometimes abused, useless space.
  • the story seems too short.


  • Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Developer: Tarsier Studios
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
  • Release date in Russia: April 28, 2017
  • Localization: Russian interface
  • Similar games: LIMBO, INSIDE, Unravel, Among the Sleep
  • Is it worth buying now: Yes

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