10517 Review of Nokia 3310 (2017): it is not a smartphone

Review of Nokia 3310 (2017): it is not a smartphone

Imagine: in the yard in 2002. You are sitting at your home computer with a Pentium 4 inside and play Max Payne, and next flashing lights in dialup modem Acorp 56K. And then you bring a new Nokia phone. He recalled the recent hit Nokia 3310, only much better! Now, in a small package fit camera, dual band radio, two slots for SIM-cards and a set of useful FOR notes, calendar, currency Converter, games… We tried to look at the new 3310 (2017) the eyes of a person from the early 2000s — those times which inspired a new Nokia phone.

Technical specifications of Nokia 3310 (2017)

  • The screen is 2.4″, 320×240, color
  • CPU: 0,4 GHz
  • Graphics accelerator: not needed
  • Operating system: Series 30+
  • RAM: why?
  • Built-in memory: 0,016 GB
  • Memory card support: microSD up to 32 GB
  • Communication: GSM 900/1800, support EDGE/GPRS
  • SIM: 2 micro-SIM (two separate slots)
  • Wireless interfaces: Bluetooth 3.0, FM-radio
  • Navigation:
  • Camera: 2 MP (led flash)
  • Sensors: a what, sorry?
  • Battery: 1200 mAh
  • Dimensions: 115,6х51х12,8 mm
  • Weight: 79,6 grams

Packaging equipment

Small colorful box is made from plain cardboard. It depicts all the main thing — the unit itself, the notes, as if hinting at the music, voice and… a snake — Snake. Yes, the game will be! But not in a hurry, all in good time. On the lower part lists the main components of the kit: phone, battery, manual, charger and wired headset. And it’s not the headphones, namely, the headset can not only listen, but talk.

Nokia 3310 (2017) Nokia 3310 (2017)



The device is made in a recognizable style of Nokia. It has the shape of a rhombus with rounded corners. The front panel consists of two parts — a screen and a button keypad. The display is surrounded by beige plastic frame, the bottom of which are four function keys of the same color. The right combines the off button, controls Bluetooth and call volume and hang up call at the bottom. Its upper half is responsible for enabling the camera. The left button gives you quick access to call history and the most important menu items — flashlight, keypad lock and photo gallery. The display itself is covered with a slightly rounded convex glass.

Nokia 3310 (2017) Nokia 3310 (2017)

Between these two buttons is a large menu button, enclosed in a frame, performing the role of a four-positional joystick. On each of the provisions is also assigned its own function.

The lower part of the front panel is a 10 numeric buttons and the keys “*” and “#”. The button “0” bearing the image of the globe — its a long hold launches the browser. The color of the buttons coincides with the color of the frame around the screen. More on the front there is nothing except slot for the microphone at the top in the middle.

The keypad buttons are above the body just enough to be comfortable and not leave the plane. The front panel is at an angle of 90 degrees enters the side faces and end faces. On the bottom is a 3.5 inch audio Jack and a slot for removing the back cover. At the top end in the left side instead of the standard round power socket is a strange form of connector which in the specification is designated as micro-USB. It manufacturer combined charging and connecting to personal computer through data cable.

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Nokia 3310 (2017) Nokia 3310 (2017)

The back cover is removable, looks modest. With one exception — in the upper part in the white frame is lens fotovideokamery. The left — led flash, able to work as a flashlight. Just above the flare, the three oval hole multimedia speaker to listen to music without headphones, to play or chat on the speakerphone hands-free. Just below the engraved silver logo Nokia.

What is under the hood? And there is a battery and three cover! Two of them under the micro-SIM cards, the third is another revolutionary item for a microSD card. To fit all this in a tiny package, the manufacturer has chosen the unpopular, but compact formats. However, we believe that for these cards the future, and other manufacturers probably will follow the market leader.

Nokia 3310 (2017)

The device is available in four colours — blue, grey, red and yellow. The first two finish, and third and fourth — glossy. Despite the removable back cover, the front panel is seriously attached to the middle part — many of the latches and the four screws. Obviously, this model cannot accommodate the change of the panel. Unfortunate in that he loses less advanced Nokia.



A nice matte plastic and rounded edges is pleasant to hold in hands. The phone is thin, but easy grip. He, unfortunately, slightly creaks when you press on the center of the rear panel, but the feeling of fragility there. The phone lacks an external antenna, this means that it can be carried in a pocket without worrying about safety. Anyway, to be honest, external antenna — a hefty archaic, it is high time to leave in the twentieth century and not be dragged in the twenty-first. Coverage, thanks to operators from year to year is improving, and today mobile connection is available outside Moscow that a few years ago seemed impossible. In short, the Nokia engineers — the respect and gratitude!

The distance between the buttons is large, comfortable, even those in whom the two meters. To miss and make mistakes is simply impossible. Press smooth with a soft click in the lower position. Excellent feedback keyboard allows you to type messages without looking at the keyboard (and screen too). Those who can’t watch, useful function button illumination. It is irreplaceable in the evening and at night, for example, in a club or under a blanket.

Pleased with the convenient location of the camera in horizontal and vertical position of the fingers in the shot not fall. But to listen to music and to surf the Internet uncomfortable. Audio output on screen would be more convenient.

Nokia 3310 (2017) Nokia 3310 (2017)



Its predecessor, the Nokia 3210 was a standard monochrome screen with resolution 84×48 pixels. Here he colored and giant — 2.4 inches with 320×240 resolution and 167 ppi. This will not meet any one of the competitors of comparable size. In the sun it is still readable, see absolutely everything. The viewing angle is too happy — almost 90 degrees without any loss of quality.

Nokia 3310 (2017)

Menu settings allow you to change the display colors and font size. And, of course, with such a gorgeous screen is a sin not to install the screen saver. The user has three factory, and you can select an image from gallery.



The phone works under control of OS Series 30+, so owners of other devices Nokia will not experience difficulties in the transition to this model. Someone who Nokia was not there before, also without difficulty and quickly begin to use all of its features.

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Nokia 3310 (2017)

Shown on the main screen saver, clock and date, information about the signal of both SIM cards, battery and Bluetooth status, information about missed calls or messages, set alarm — the screen is really large and holds everything you need. The main menu is opened by pressing the Central button. Icons are not entirely intuitive, but in the upper corner of the screen POPs up help text, and over time the need for it disappears. The scrolling menu is a joystick. The abundance of settings allows to “sharpen” the phone — set password to unlock, changing of greetings, modes of operation (street, silent, etc.). Most popular functions — camera, flashlight and the last calls — bound to the function buttons.


Sound and phone capabilities

No matter how you crank your tube manufacturers, the main function was and remains a voice. This 3310 all right — and a microphone and speaker to perfectly capture the voice of both of them. It is important that noise reduction just as there is in professional audio equipment. The lack of an external antenna may deter those who value the stability of reception in an area with poor coverage. But not to worry: the reception confident, and not worse than the analogs with external antennas.

The phone supports two SIM cards, one of which can access the Internet via EDGE, which theoretically provides speeds up to 474 Kbps! Given that the maximum connection speed for dial-up modem is 56 Kbps, it is really a breakthrough and the ultimate victory of mobile technology. If the development will not stop (why?), cable providers will face hard times.

Nokia 3310 (2017)

“Blue tooth” allows you to connect a wireless headset. You can connect to the computer if it is equipped with the appropriate module.

16MB of memory allows you to store practically unlimited number of contacts, but if the space is still not enough, you can transfer them to the SIM card.

The phone has a radio, it works with the headset plugged in which acts as an antenna. Volume enough even at half power. Radio works with any other headphones, not just bundled.

From the slots located on the rear panel, the sound is so-so. Maximum — for hands-free calling and games in a quiet room. Music not to listen. For music lovers, the bundle includes headset with an extremely thin wire and not very ergonomic ear pads. However, over the headphones of a Sony Walkman with the range and volume levels are all fine.

So people are not confused in calls to the two numbers provided to set different ringtones for each SIM card. However, pour your own ring tones is impossible, but it is not a great misfortune to select the preset in the phone extensive. Although, of course, if the device plays MP3 files, it would be logical to allow him to put them as ringtone. I hope in the new firmware versions this blunder will be corrected.


The machine at work

The interface of the natural fly. Multimedia icons, color menu works smoothly without the slightest delay. Photos and even videos in 3GP format can be viewed directly on the screen. The videos loaded in just a few seconds.

It is a pity that the manufacturer didn’t put in the box data cable. Not all devices have Bluetooth and even more micro-USB. Sad news for many will be the lack of support for Windows 98 and ME. But you’ve got to understand — modern gadget required a modern PC.

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The phone has pre-installed Opera Mini browser. Of course, 240 points — not 1024, but on this screen you can see a lot. Our favorite 4PDA.RU looks great but some other sites open with difficulty or not completely — not all of them have adapted to modern mobile gadgets.

Nokia 3310 (2017)

Games your Nokia 3310 impressive. Support applications format J2ME opens up a whole world of luxury games. Here Asphalt 6 (the pre-installed demo version runs 90 seconds and then have to pay) and the latest Call of Duty. Another would be DOOM and third “Heroes” full of happiness… according to rumors, the work in this direction is underway. And here is an update of “snakes”, unfortunately, are not happy. Classic Snake has won wide popularity in less advanced patterns, here was color. And it, frankly.

Nokia 3310 (2017) Nokia 3310 (2017)



Camera is not high quality even to a simple soap dish, but 2 MP for a phone — record record. In the daytime you can take a picture of landscape on memory, self-portrait with loved ones or a beloved pet. Night, unfortunately, to photograph almost makes no sense — the picture is not visible anything. Maybe it would have saved a night mode, but it’s still option advanced cameras.

The camera copes well with the text — the A4 sheet is read without problems.

Nokia 3310 (2017)

Unfortunately, the internal memory is only enough for a few pictures. Those who want to actively use this feature, you will need a memory card.

Nokia 3310 (2017)



The manufacturer promises work in standby for up to 25 days, and it seems to be true, though it sounds fantastic. The test device in the “calls, SMS and a few games of” three days dead half. The cause is probably the large color screen. But it’s not bad considering that battery capacity is only 1200 mAh. And if you remember that it is removable, the General good. You can buy a spare and if necessary quickly to replace it.

Nokia 3310 (2017)


The results

The Nokia 3310 can rightly be called a breakthrough 2000! Digital camera, Internet, color screen, MP3 player — all in one compact unit. It is difficult to imagine what else you can cram into a phone? Unless the TV and the laptop. Perhaps, in 10-15 years such devices will appear, but today, Nokia 3310 — sample of advanced high technology. And considering the price of 3990 rubles, it should be considered as the uncontested choice for the modern man.



  • built-in camera record resolution;
  • stylish big screen;
  • support GPRS/EDGE;
  • works with Java applications.


  • inauthentic “snake”;
  • does not support MP3 as a ringtone;
  • in the kit there is a data cable.

If someone did not read the beginning of the article, and decided that we seriously remind you that there are such things as irony, sarcasm or just humor. However, if at all honestly: the device today will be in high demand. Week without recharging, excellent communication-two SIM cards — what more could you want for those who need only “the voice” on two rooms? And high-quality processed case allows to hope that the phone will last enough to work out a price.


Author: Timur Dautov

Picture device: Daria Nesterovskaya

Source: 4pda.ru

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