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The first stroke of the wrench Morgan Yu crashed through the Cup, the second — dropped from the Desk phone, and the third broke the lamp. He methodically destroyed everything in the room tsverava in side chairs, boxes and ashtrays. And when the dust settled, stared at the destroyed office, looking for the slightest suspicious movement. Flickering in the far corner of the room? And how he failed to notice a banana peel under a bookcase? Peel sarcastically shook and jumped in the direction of the hero, on the move turning into lexaprocanada spider. Facial expressions! Morgan dodged the tentacles and threw the alien creature to the floor.

Not gods and kings

The events of Prey takes place in an alternate history where President Kennedy survived the assassination attempt in 1963 and has thrown all forces of the nation in space exploration. Star race between the United States and the Soviet Union nearly killed the humans: humanity is faced with a predatory alien parasites typename. To isolate the threat to the United States and the Soviet Union built around the moon orbital base “Cage”, but attempts of the two superpowers to capture and study the aliens ended a string of tragedies, so in the 90s the station was closed. In 2030, an abandoned prison bought the American company TranStar and turned into a chic research database “Talos-1”. And Tiffany served as a biomaterial for breakthrough medical research.


The family of the hero (or heroine, if you play a girl) Prey have contributed to the empowerment of the human race. Scientist Morgan Yu along with his older brother Alex, the Director of “Talos-1”, had a hand in creating nyromodal devices that allows you to instantly master any skill. Want to think like Einstein? I can run faster than Usain Bolt? Or you want to play music on the piano is not worse than Rachmaninoff? Any whim for your money — just buy the right neyromod and make an injection into the eye. Tremble, evolution! Behold the Superman.


Remember all

But what happened to 2034? Immersed in gold, marble and Redwood halls “Talos-1” littered with corpses, a laboratory for the production of nyromodal destroyed. Through the dark corridors prowl hungry Tiffany, hunting down the few surviving employees of TranStar. As Morgan Yu was one on one with an alien scourge? Why he remembers nothing about what preceded the crash?


The script is intriguing Prey is not worse than the classic sci-Fi novels by Stanislaw LEM and Philip K. dick and hit you in the gut with a shocking denouement. These writers are remembered not by chance: the first shooter borrows meticulous study of a futuristic world and philosophical reflections about the future of humanity, and the second is the atmosphere of paranoia (it’s hidden facial expressions? or just a mug?) and brain-breaking plot twists.

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With the creation of Arkane books have in common and the measured pace of the narrative. Time a prologue, full of the eyeballs of the event, followed by a leisurely 20-hour study station in the spirit of Alien: Isolation — finding resources for survival, nyromodal to pump the hero and run-ins with typename. And as soon as you get used that the history of the Morgan headway, as the writers begin to bombard one event after another. The final 5-10 hours of (30-40 total chron) will fly in the same breath, in the placers of sparks and outbursts of flame.


The office says

But most of the passing will have to read e-mails, notes and audiodevice the inhabitants of the “Talos-1”. It would seem, what could be more boring collection of office waste paper to get the IDs of locked doors? The funny thing about Prey is, how organically the notes linked to the research environment and the opening of additional jobs.


First you learn ironic swordplay fans desktop RPG, an hour later, find the room with the unfinished party local equivalent of Dungeons & Dragons, then looking all over the station “treasure” hidden by the trps. Read how a gang of bored technicians uses secret technology to create toys and then find a crossbow. The location of any of the 267 the inhabitants of the station can be tracked on the nearest terminal security. And the deeper you dive into the lives of the employees of TranStar, the fuller feel worked here, loved, befriended and fought real people.

Frighteningly believable station makes and elaboration of the interiors. And it’s not only about the bizarre symbiosis of American art Deco and the Soviet retrofuturism. “Talos-1” seems real (in the framework of the sci-Fi assumptions, of course) orbital base. Each sector serves a utilitarian purpose, whether it’s the crew quarters, medical Bay, server or lab. The game designers Arkane not connect the two rooms ventilation just for the sake of the variability of the passage (Hello, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided), and think like architects. This whole “metroidvania” not merely linked together antigravity tunnels, ducts and mines, and subordinated to the logics of the ecosystem.


Typical example: a current is applied to the floors. Want to light up a room? Look for nearby electrical panel. Not a lift? Fix the junction box. On the other hand, it is not forbidden and deliberately hit the junction box, turning it into beating the current trap. Or to blow gas pipe, drenching the enemy with a jet of flame. Yeah science, bitch!


Crazy stick

“Always tell the player “Yes”” — a poster with these words by chance were hanging in the office Arkane during the creation of Prey. And the best illustration of this philosophy — GIPS-gun, perhaps the most brilliant weapons since gravigen from Half-Life 2. Useful for battles, getting into inaccessible places, or repair to the environment, GYPSUM-gun spits out white blobs of foam that sticks to almost any surface.

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To create a makeshift bridge to cross the flooded room under high voltage? To extinguish the fire, to plug the hole in the hull, or to cut down the sparking fuse box? All is allowed! And, of course, glue is convenient to immobilize the black beasts — in order to further reason with the unreasonable Tihonov wrench.

But most of the aliens will humiliate you: although Prey and looks like a variation on the theme of “BioShock in space”, it is ideologically closer to System Shock dilogy (it is no coincidence that one of the technologies on Board the “Talos-1” is called the Looking Glass, and the door to the office of Morgan unlocking code No. 0451). Enemies kill a couple of punches and lightning fast moves, ammo and first aid kits are not always enough. Even on normal difficulty.


The neyromod eyes, or die at once?

From the very very shameful death to save neurology. Some shots in the eye and subtle the technician will learn to run fast, shoot straight and deftly hack aggressive flying drones. Adam Jensen approves! But if human and only human is alien to you, come to the aid of tivolska abilities. A couple of such injections and feel the true monster that spits fire beats electricity and, like the mimic, turning in circles, stools and even machine gun turrets.


Seduced by the superhuman abilities of “aliens” and obkololsya substances to excess? Well, then do not blame me that from time to time for Morgan will begin to chase Typhon-a nightmare — a local variety of Narcotics, a huge mug of killing with one blow of claws. Yes, and drones, previously friendly, will begin to see Mr. Yu of the enemy, pouring his leaden rain.

The shortage of resources thrown out of your comfort zone, forcing you not only to explore every nook and cranny, but also to experiment with weapons and tactics. And crafting, coupled with the furious battles rhymes perfectly with the atmosphere of survival. Ran out of ammunition? Master the aimed throwing of furniture. Or Tihonov of luring into traps. Or bypass monsters the party going with the CAST-guns on the upper section of the level.


“Thalos-1” every second encounter, resembles an interactive version of “Faces of the future”. Imagine: in the laboratory loitering psychic — ink jellyfish that painful stings of the academic psi-attacks and inciting an army of zombie astronauts. You run into senseless and ruthless frontal attack with five rounds in the shotgun and ten in the gun and die. Restart. Grab telekinesis gas tank, throw in a telepath — and die. Restart. Arrange a foam party and dancing with a monkey wrench… Restart, restart, restart. What if the crack in adjoining rooms of the turret, to bring in and lure enemies in the cross fire? It worked! And this example is not so spoiler — of these mini-stories lined up dozens of personal stories that I want to share with your friends.

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An abyss full of stars

About Prey can talk for hours, savoring every detail. On the exit of a hero in outer space, evoking emotions, comparable to bobrikovskiy “Odyssey” and Koronovskii “Gravity”. On the heady feeling of permissiveness, when the creators are not lead by the hand. About how seemingly insignificant the salvation of character is not only woven into the global plot, but also influenced the choice of the final. About the dark humor of a writer and game designer Chris Avellone, filled with skeletons of cabinets TranStar employees. About disturbing synthwave composer Mick Gordon’s, forcing the already eerie atmosphere… But what words? This adventure you need to relive yourself.

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Was waiting for a masterpiece, which will absorb the best achievements of the genre of immersive sim? Receive and sign. Prey, like facial expressions, constantly changing disguises, playing System Shock, Deus Ex, Half-Life, Dishonored, Dead Space, and even in Dark Souls. But this is the rare case where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. To resist dark charm Arkane useless: one has only to step aboard the “Talos-1,” as the game tenaciously climb tentacles in your head. But why not? In space no one can hear you rave scream.



  • total non-linearity of the gameplay and variety of endings;
  • crafted sci-Fi universe;
  • the plot in the best traditions of LEM and dick;
  • frightening atmosphere of survival in space;
  • unusual weapons and tools;
  • brain-breaking finale that turns everything on its head;
  • brilliant sound and excellent soundtrack Mick Gordon;
  • great side quests;
  • original style interiors “Talos-1”;
  • excellent optimization on PC and consoles.


  • monotonous design Tihonov;
  • not the most modern graphics;
  • long load when moving from one sector to another station;
  • primitive stealth;
  • realistic design of the world contrasts with the cartoonish faces of the characters;
  • someone game may seem too hardcore.


  • Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Developer: Arkane Studios
  • Publisher: Bethesda
  • Release date in Russia: may 5, 2017
  • Localization: Russian voice and subtitles
  • Similar games: System Shock 2, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Metroid Prime, SOMA, Alien: Isolation
  • Is it worth buying now? Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes

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The author of the text: Vladimir Saldan


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