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To cosmonautics Day is still far away, the Mars Curiosity Rover have not sent a new selfie, and in the open NASA exoplanet we will not fly tomorrow. What if the soul asks of violent galaxies, and the last frontiers? Fortunately, Targem Games from Yekaterinburg and Moscow, Gaijin Entertainment brought to Android your shooter Star Conflict Heroes. Quench whether it is the lack of space Opera in the body, let’s find out.

The universe itself will not save

The name is familiar, and this is not surprising: iOS Star Conflict Heroes came out earlier than Android. It is based on the eponymous online games, which is nearly five years old (if you count from the beginning of open beta). I have to say: Star Conflict Heroes not the cosmos and not aiming for the competitors Galaxy of Fire. On the contrary, it is a standard for mobile platforms phased action role-playing. The same thing we’ve seen in Etherlords, DC Legends, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and many more where. Does this Heroes Star Conflict worse? Probably not.

Star Conflict Heroes

A group of dashing smugglers crisscrossing the vastness of the Universe, industrial here and there and somehow make ends meet. This continues until they intercept a strange signal and not find a suspicious capsule. Fortunately, inside is not a Xenomorph larva, and combat girl with cleavage and a Bank account to an impressive size. Immediately planting the future characters a brand new starship, the blonde recruit them for their noble purposes and engages in an intricate story. Pirates, cultists, portals and, of course, a threat to all living things. It will take somewhere from a dozen training missions. On Star Conflict Heroes stands securely on the familiar genre of rails: similar fighting levels interspersed with short dialogues that move the events slightly faster than the tortoise-paralytic.

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Star Conflict Heroes

In fairness, a nominal tribute to the freedom Star Conflict Heroes was given, allowing plenty of flying in a small radius from the main quests. Only here there reigns the dead space vacuum, which (with luck) can be found except a few containers with someone’s prey.


A keen eye, big gun

The main holiday in Star Conflict takes place in Heroes battle. Battle spaceships of different classes (each with their own abilities and characteristics) turned out to be surprisingly dynamic. Everything in SC Heroes RPG, invested in ships. They grow in level, gain new opportunities, improve through found items, update software firmware, even moderniziriruyutsya, if you can find a number of drawings.

Star Conflict Heroes

Starships are divided into several types with the obvious problems: shock, support, tanks, suppression and engineers. Shooting your primary weapon is automatically, maneuvering is not as a class, but to aim and use special abilities have their own. It’s still not Marvel tales, which manages to play itself. Surprisingly Star Conflict Heroes is enough even such a minimal level of involvement to maintain interest. To launch a missile in the enemy support or quickly to destroy the tank protecting the pesky fighters? Such decisions need to be taken every second.


Ploughing open spaces of the Bolshoi theatre…

Star Conflict Heroes goal it is better to choose the most out of fairly standard options. Someone will like the ability to create an impressive fleet (and if you’re familiar with the original, each new ship will meet both native). Someone decides sure to go through all the missions on three stars and in the normal mode, and on higher difficulty. The fans of the genre with brothers in mind, a direct route to the arena. Multiplayer in Star Conflict Heroes asynchronous is also a kind of standard. Finally, you can perform special tasks, find all sorts of rarities, to let them to upgrade the ship, and back to a favorite activity.

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Star Conflict Heroes

Star Conflict not of Heroes brings to the genre is absolutely nothing new, but skillfully uses the achievements of predecessors. It is fortunate for the selected niche and very interesting role-playing action game about space and collecting starships, tenderly pays homage to the original IMO. For fans of the genre and fans of Star Conflict is a good option. Those who appreciate freedom of control, does not like to wait until the restored energy, or just does not tolerate free-to-play, worth to pass by.

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  • action role-playing – now and in space;
  • good dynamics, despite the low opportunities;
  • an impressive fleet of starships of all kinds and sizes;
  • a lot of good memories for players of Star Conflict.


  • we have all seen many times;
  • the abundance of menus and characteristics, it is not easy to figure out which ship in the end best;
  • without the Internet do not play again.

For Android users 4PDA developers have prepared a small gift: the resource pack and ship Joker, perfect for the start of the game. You can get them by clicking on the link below and completing the initial phase of the tutorial.

Download on Android with bonuses

Lyricist: Yana Sorokina


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