7584 Review of the smartphone LG K8 2017: the Continuation of tradition or a random update?
Review of the smartphone LG K8 2017: the Continuation of tradition or a random update?

Review of the smartphone LG K8 2017: the Continuation of tradition or a random update?

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Review of the smartphone LG K8 2017: the Continuation of tradition or a random update?

No one will argue that LG in the last few years had lost its former glory and can not regain its position in the smartphone market and manufacturers of electronics in General.

If we turn to official statistical sources (such as IDC), it becomes clear that LG have not included the top five most successful smartphone manufacturers in the world. The first 2 places with varying degrees of success is divided between permanent leaders: Apple and Samsung. Next “battle” for the recognition of customers to win “Chinese” in the face of Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo.

As you can see, Koreans need to try very hard to get back on top. Frankly, this isn’t much work. Therefore it is necessary to settle the issue of state employees in the form of a K-series or once a year to once again “fall” as the flagship G-series.

As of today, we’ll talk about the next “upgrade” To a-series of smartphones, notably the LG K8 2017. Go.

The contents

  1. Preface.
  2. Appearance, ergonomics.
  3. Display.
  4. Performance and technical characteristics.
  5. Operating system and connectivity.
  6. Camera.
  7. Conclusions .


LG K8 2017 main2Statistics show that fans of LG in the mobile world is becoming smaller and smaller. Blame the Chinese smartphone manufacturers, who every year raise your skill level and have long ceased to copy famous brands.

We’re talking about the notorious manufacturers from China in the face of Xiaomi, Meizu, Huawei or Lenovo. They are all very much shifted positions once the world leader in the production of smartphones, and LG was forced to be content with producing and selling mostly devices from a series of budget or medium price segment.

In the extreme case, the company could produce for the Google Nexus range. But lately even this kind of activity from the Koreans took, and now Google orders the release of its smartphones in the factories of other companies.

Remained the budget segment, where still series from LG is feeling pretty good. The same smartphones release 2016 showed good results in sales due to the first good performance. And due to the importance of the brand. So the company decided to continue the tradition of producing K-series and introduced consumers to the second generation of their state employees.

And we in edition Hello appeared new LG K8 2017, which we explain in more detail.

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Appearance, ergonomics

LG K8 2017 viewWhen you take a smartphone in hand, it is of little surprise or emotion as such you will not get. It’s very simple: the company adheres to the chosen line of design of the device and nothing new in terms of appearance, the engineers of LG in the smartphone did not bring.

But there is still one change, which we describe below. Admirers of the brand are accustomed to the design features of their smartphones and are unlikely to want to change something. It was made the basic rate of engineers LG.

Further — more. Overall, the device looks classic and does not cause any complaints. It even seems that if you remove the bottom the inscription “LG”, the device could be confused with the Nexus range.

Frame on the sides is rather wide. Above the screen is the earpiece, and a little to the left — front camera and proximity sensors. Bottom — the inscription “screaming” about accessories and fashion to the brand (our opinion is to remove all the logo, it’s time to move away from these “frills” of design).

LG K8 2017 view2As we all know, the volume keys and the lock display on devices LG previous series on the side not find. All of these functional elements were placed on the back side of the device. You may not love it, you might even annoy, but the engineers decided that way.

Many are accustomed to this design and have even “say” that it is more convenient. But here the engineers have made concessions and volume rocker placed on the left facet of the device. This small but important change. The unlock button remains in the same place. On the other hand, to unlock your smart, you can double-tap on the display, thereby to find the lock button on the back.

By the way, the rear cover LG K8 2017 is made with the already familiar from previous series embossed “pattern”, which does not allow the smartphone to slip off your hands during activity. Comfortable? Yes. Practical? Still. But there is a fly in the ointment in this whole design. This side of the device. Be prepared for the fact that with time these chrome inserts will start to blur. While here you can find a way out, buying case.


LG K8 2017 displayAccording to the manufacturer, the display device covers about 70% of the area of the front surface of the smartphone. Here you, dear readers, will be hard to surprise some innovation. In 2017 LG K8 uses a 2.5 D glass in paired with a HD IPS display.

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Resolution — HD (1280×720 pixels). By the way, curved glasses nowadays have become more of a routine than any thing. All manufacturers have already released devices with this glass. Comfortable, looks nice, practical to use. When testing the phone we found it to be high contrast and brightness. Also the screen has wide viewing angles. All this is thanks to IPS-matrix.

Function buttons (button multitasking, return home and back button) are part of the display. And it’s convenient.

There are also disadvantages: the street in bright light, we had to look for a shade that is good to see information on the display. Although a different behavior from the device in the medium price segment is not expected.

Performance and specifications

LG K8 2017 techsThe first thing you should pay attention to is the processor that runs our smartphone. Here, as always, has its own peculiarities. If we talk about LG K8 2017, to be supplied to the European market, then it “works” chipset from Qualcomm, namely the Snapdragon 425 MSM8917.

For our market (ie, a smartphone on the review) LG delivers smartphones with a processor of MTK models МТ6737 a frequency of 1.3 GHz. The computing power of this “stone” is more than enough for everyday tasks. Namely: social networking, mail, calendar, Internet surfing. Count on more serious tasks of the average power of the processor is not necessary, and makes no sense.

All this “power” complements the RAM to 1.5 GB in size. His memory as much as 16 GB of expandable microSD cards up to 32GB.

LG K8 2017 techs2In 2017 LG K8 is fitted with a battery capacity of 2500 mAh. According to the manufacturer, this will be enough for 7 hours of smartphone talk time or 352 hours in standby mode. According to our testing with an average or even more sparing use of the apparatus, the latter is enough for the evening. That is, if you occasionally check email, respond on social networks and make 20-30 calls per day — this device is just for you.

It is worth noting another fact — the presence of a 3.5 mm headphone connector. In light of recent events concerning the failure of this connector is for LG a nice bonus.

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Operating system and connectivity

LG K8 2017 OSAs one would expect, the smartphone runs on the Android operating system 6 Marshmallow. Hope for “seven” from the middle of the device just makes no sense. Proprietary shell does not overload the device and overall the interface is quite smooth. Fans of the brand all the controls and icons are already familiar.

For those who first holds the LG smartphone in hand, will be easy to learn the interface device. Recall that LG K8 2017 supports two SIM cards (nano sim format). I am glad also support 4G and 3G.

Other interfaces standard: Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, GPS, A-GPS. A little frustrating the lack of NFC module and OTG connection. It is not critical, but it would be a great addition.


LG K8 2017 cameraIf LG K8 2016, we looked at the world through a camera of 8 megapixels, version 2017, the company increased the sensor resolution to 13 MP. There is a panorama mode, HDR, geotagging. There is a flash and autofocus. The front camera remains at the same level in 5 MP. Photo with the main camera when sufficient light is quite bright and clear.

But it is necessary to reduce the amount of light and all the beauty loses its sharpness, acquires noise and other shortcomings. Overall, expectations are met and to capture the right moment you will always succeed. As for the “frontali”, here the engineers have tried to introduce familiar features like face detection or time-lapse movies of the gesture (just double-compress and unclench the fist and you will receive a series of 4 selfies).


LG K8 2017 lastOf course LG K8 2017 furor in the market of mobile technology will not produce. And not for this he was created. The company just continues its line of smartphones in budget and mid-priced.

For whom are these phones? For people who do not “chase” characteristics, and which just need a smartphone for everyday tasks. Such as checking email, monitoring social networking and surfing the Internet. These challenges K8 2017 to cope on a solid five.

Price of a smartphone is justified precisely this functionality. Moreover, the apparatus perfectly in the hand and looks good too. If you are planning to buy your first smartphone or to make a gift for their loved ones, Hello company recommends to pay attention to the “middling” from LG, namely the LG K8 2017.

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