Review of the smartphone Meizu Pro 5

Smartphone-the flagship bearing the name of Meizu Pro 5, is another practical device from a well-known manufacturer that has achieved recognition thanks to the release of universal product.

The phone company Meizu represent a harmonious blend of the highest quality, backed by a stylish design. And present device is not an exception, great functionality of this model, which will be available to its lucky owner, will bring the sea of pleasure and positive emotions when using.

The contents

Meizu PRO 5 с коробкой на столе

What type of link has the Meizu Pro 5?

Of course, today mobile phones are hard to christen a simple phone, because the number of its useful functions and apps downright off the charts, but the most important “good” of such a device is still a mobile connection. This model has two SIM-card format Nano-SIM.

If your SIM card does not match this format, it doesn’t matter: with this minor obstacle you will help to cope to the nearest specialized salon.

The following standards of communication: GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, HSPA/WCDMA 900/2100 MHz.

Touch the screen

To start with, that size indices of the diagonal is good 5.7 inches, so the user is given more large-scale “spaces” is to showcase diverse content, while saving power and providing longer battery life.

As the next innovation, the company Meizu has implemented the reconfiguration of the Delta cold temperature color AMOLED display to make the image maximally comfortable for the user’s eyes.

It is also worth to tell that the screen has a resolution of 1920×1080, allowing you to see the smallest details and 16 million various hues will give a chance to “feel” the many facets of broadcast pictures.

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Прикосновение к дисплею девайса

The performance of the device

Four unique technologies integrated into PRO 5 to improve its performance in comparison with models of competitors: 8-core 64-bit processes, the Exynos 7420, graphics processor Mali-T760 with 8 cores, 14-nanometer processing technology 3D graphics FinFET, faster and more energy-efficient memory LPDDR4 and high-speed flash memory UFS 2.0.She is 32 and 64 Gb.

In practice, the difference in performance between the models with 3 and 4 Gb Ram (especially with Full HD) is actually imperceptible. Therefore, if the difference in cost between the versions 3/32 4/64 Gb and Gb seem significant, then it is possible to save money.

A few facts about your smartphone

The internal memory of the phone is 32 Gb version with 3 Gb of RAM and 64 Gb of internal memory for the version with 4 Gb of RAM respectively. Both Meizu Pro 5 is equipped with a memory expansion slot that allows gadgets without problems to communicate with memory cards microSD up to 128 Gb.

Карта памяти microSD в руках

The camera became much faster

Smartphone Pro 5 is equipped with a new module SONY IMX 230 and high speed processor Exynos 7420, involved in image processing. In addition, camera Pro 5 has a built autofailover PDAF, but due to the laser sensor, the focusing speed in poor lighting conditions significantly increased. Through painstaking selection of lenses Largan 6P has significantly improved the quality of the image.

Возможности камеры Meizu PRO 5

Mobile charging

mCharge has continued to improve and now supports 24W-fast charging, with increased relative 18W-fast charging in the MX5.

Charger for half an hour will be able to fill the capacity of the battery (nominal value, which is 3050 mAh) by 65%. It should be noted that the current device fully supports charging under the agreement with PD, and is equipped with a quick charge function.

Also involved chip power measurement TI BQ27532 to ensure accurate monitoring of battery and voltage to protect the use of fast charging and not to provoke the flawed consequences for the battery.

If charging for a long period of time too warm up the battery, it PRO 5 will automatically select the mode 18W-fast charging. Because of this, provides an optimal balance between the charging rate and battery temperature.

Зарядное устройство для девайса

Materials and external data Pro 5

Body-type candybar demonstrates progress, which is the eternal companion of the producer-innovator, and in our case he also succeeded in the “industry” design.

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Metal and plastic – couple components, which are the basis of the proposed device. Special diamond filigree knives just treat metal, three times the 3D processing makes the case more slim and hard, five times the plating thickness of only 0.02 mm gives a smooth surface and has a positive effect on the durability of the product, and the mechanical and manual polishing is exemplary, with a rounded arc.

Meizu team thoroughly understood the art of handling, and it perfectly tracked in a variety of improvements and upgrades presented in PRO 5.

Go through the dimensions, weight and specifications

  1. Length: 156.7 mm
  2. Width: 78 mm
  3. Thickness: 7.5 mm
  4. Weight: 168 g.

Based on the above indicators, we can say that it is relatively compact and light enough device that hides in its “bowels” of a huge number of widgets and features that are inverse proportion to its modest dimension and weight indicators.

Некоторые элементы укомплектовки Meizu PRO 5 в упаковкеComplete set of the following components:

  1. Charger
  2. USB cable
  3. User manual
  4. Warranty card.

Sound Hi-Fi 2.0

The proposed instance is equipped with the amplifier circuit Solo and four pairs of colossal power transistors NXP. The result: a noticeable improvement in audio and transition indicators, also the sound became much more powerful and cleaner, so the smartphone will reveal the full potential of the sound, even when using audiogenic Hi-End, and will allow you to enjoy your favourite songs in full.

Improved security and new tactile sensations

The PRO 5 uses the fingerprint scanner of the latest generation of high accuracy and speed of identification and to ensure even greater security.

Panasonic and other well-known vendors have provided the elements for the fingerprint module Pro 5, thanks to its metal area is increased and the stroke of a key is more accurate, therefore, now to unlock you need to exert a uniform force, resulting in soft and smooth running touch-button.

Совершенно новые тактильные ощущения при контактах с экраном

Excellent phone with the best indicators of autonomy – Meizu

Even with such high performance, multiple functionality and a large number of unmatched features, Meizu Pro 5 does not cease to be outstanding model in terms of battery life.

The smartphone has built-in battery with a typical capacity of 3050 mAh which will use cell quick charging SONY/ATL. And due to the advanced CPU, which was made on 14-nanometer technology, energy-efficient AMOLED display, higher definition, low voltage of LPDDR4 RAM and operating system Flyme (developed based on Android 5.1), the consumed energy is reduced so drastically, that creates a surprisingly productive time device Meizu.

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Regarding gaming opportunities: we can say that the model for an Android smartphone pulling the game very well.

All modes of the processor are three:

  1. Energy saving
  2. Balanced
  3. Productive

Энергосберегающий режимPower saving and balanced mode, of course, suitable for gaming, however for best effect it is desirable to switch to productive.

The discharge in the game Asphalt 8 for 30 minutes with the eyes comfortable with the brightness increased by 8% from Pro 5, despite the fact that MX5 in the same time the result was 12%.

And, say, the duration of operation of the video playback with maximum brightness amounted to almost 15 hours against 10 hours at MX5 with a battery of face value of 3150 mAh and 5.5 Full HD Super AMOLED screen.

USB Type-C

It is true that in life there are those moments when you want to connect a Micro-USB plug in the dark? And do not always have the opportunity to look at the cable before attaching to verify the correctness of their actions? From now on, with Pro 5 of such embarrassing moments will diminish.

Standard future development of USB Type-C is now embedded in Pro 5. Symmetrical on both sides of the design is intended to be connected in any direction, thus providing a longer operational period (up to 10,000 connections, which is twice the service life of the cables early type).

In addition, the data cable is USB Type-C is made from the best materials, in order to make everyday use of the smartphone as comfortable as possible.

Максимальный комфорт при постановке телефона на зарядку

What types of wireless technologies supports Pro 5?

Here the user will see a standard pattern that is common to all smartphones:

  1. Wi-Fi
  2. GPS
  3. Bluetooth.

It is also worth mentioning the presence of the MP3 player.


Thus, we can say that the Meizu Pro 5, compared to the previous models “grew” in many aspects, which gave a positive trend in the overall functionality of the device, which is more practical, quick and pleasant to use.

Worthy of attention are the nice design, superior materials, quality and musical possibilities. To isolate possible “frisky” processor with the graphics card, fingerprint reader, instantly responds to touch and loud sound speaker.

The team recorder to keep pace with the times and this is very positively reflected in the quality of every subsequent “child”.

Многофункциональность и широкие возможности смартфона

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