11565 Review ultrabook ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ

Review ultrabook ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ

Обзор ультрабука ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ

Back in the spring we visited the presentation of the new ultrabook ASUS ZenBook, the first edition has been the flagship image of ASUS ZenBook 3 Deluxe, and now turn and “workhorse” ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ, which is not so slim and lightweight, but also features a 14-inch IPS-screen, the actual processors, and, unlike the Deluxe boasts a large number of ports and even a discrete graphics accelerator NVIDIA.

What is it?

UX430UQ ASUS ZenBook thin and light ultrabook with a metal casing, recognizable Zen-design, 14-inch IPS full HD display, new Intel Kaby Lake U-series, up to 16 GB of RAM DDR4 2133 MHz, SSD SATA3 and discrete NVIDIA GeForce 940MX.

Than it is interesting?

Обзор ультрабука ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ-2

ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ made in my favorite at the moment, the format of ultrabooks: 14-inch screen, thin frame and dimensions, which are commensurate with 13.3-inch models. It is equipped with IPS-display with a resolution of 1920×1080 and a matte finish. Frame sides are 7.18 mm, and the screen takes up 80% of the area of the cover. Inside is a dual —core Intel Kaby Lake: Intel Core i7-7500U, i5-7200U or i3-7100U, the amount of RAM is 16 GB (our top version) is used DDR4 with frequency of 2133 MHz, and as drive installed SSD with SATA3 interface volume up to 512 GB. From pleasant bonuses — discrete NVIDIA GeForce 940MX with 2 GB of memory. It’s certainly not a game model, but the ultrabook is not so positioned, and for video editing its capacity is sufficient. Plus ASUS claims that UX430UQ — the thinnest laptop with a discrete video card: the thickness is 15.9 mm and a weight of 1.25 kg.

What’s in the kit?

Обзор ультрабука ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ-3

Packaging, and set the usual for the line ZenBook (with the exception of the top ZenBook and 3 Deluxe). Light box is relatively small in size with a picture of a ultrabook and a minimum of unnecessary additional printing. Included — power pack small size, adaptor to Ethernet port adapter to VGA and the traditional rulers, an extremely useful accessory cover in an envelope (it is in our test sample was not, but in the commercial models available).

Обзор ультрабука ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ-4

How it looks and how well made?

Обзор ультрабука ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ-5

The entire range of ultrabooks ASUS ZenBook is well recognizable thanks to the distinctive design. In UX430UQ this trend continues: the same picture on the cover, the ASUS logo and metal body. The laptop will be available in four colours Royal blue, gray quartz, pink gold and brilliant gold. We have to review the blue version, which I like the most from the time ZenBook 3 and Deluxe. The difference is that any Golden accents in UX430UQ no. He looks great, like all Zen-line. Controversial seemed to me only one solution: glossy cover over metal. It collects more fingerprints. Our test sample already have seen a lot and the cover is slightly small scratches. I think the commercial versions will be fine if worn in complete case:

Обзор ультрабука ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ-6

Connectors for ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ sufficient. On the right side is memory card reader for SD cards, a full-sized USB 2.0 led indicators:

Обзор ультрабука ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ-7

On the left is the socket for connecting the power supply, a full-sized USB 3.1 Gen 1, Micro HDMI, combo audio Jack and a USB Type-C (3.1):

Обзор ультрабука ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ-8

Front — only traditional neckline:

Обзор ультрабука ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ-9

Broad solid hinge is tight enough (with one hand open does not work):

Обзор ультрабука ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ-10

Bottom cover screwed to eight screws, under it is the access to the cooling system and drive. Below there is only two grids speakers and four round rubber legs. All vents are located under the display unit:

Обзор ультрабука ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ-11

Thin frame around the screen is made of matte black plastic, there is a thin rubber insert so as not to damage the screen. Above the screen is a webcam module with 1.3 megapixel and video recording at 720p at 30 frames per second, the led her works, a light sensor and two microphones:

Обзор ультрабука ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ-12

The ultrabook is very compact and easy: 324x225x15.9, weight 1.25 kg, despite the 14-inch screen and discrete graphics card inside. In the backpack it is hardly noticeable, so as a portable work computer fits perfectly. Build and design everything is in order: ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ looks good, the only complaint — not the most practical gloss finish cover.

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How easy is the keyboard and touchpad?

Обзор ультрабука ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ-13

The hinge allows you to open the laptop is approximately 135° and perfectly captures the display in the desired position. The only thing one hand to open the laptop will not work, but would like to, because it is convenient. The keyboard area is standard for ultrabooks, the entire working surface of the metal, and the buttons are made of black plastic. The perimeter block is the field, and the keystroke is 1.4 mm, which is very good for this class of devices.

Обзор ультрабука ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ-14

Layout is similar to that in the ZenBook 3 Deluxe: one Enter, long Shift, F1-F12 and the block of arrows is separated, the buttons themselves are also half-height. The layout I like, got used very quickly, the buttons are nice, and the working surface is not pressed. There are white led lights, it has two brightness levels. Well lit and Latin characters and Cyrillic:

Обзор ультрабука ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ-15

The laptop uses a large touchpad with a glass coating, excellent slip and good sensitivity. Supports gestures and handwriting. Traditionally, the entire review was written and typeset on the laptop without using the mouse, no problems arose. In the upper right corner is a thumbprint scanner for Windows Hello:

Обзор ультрабука ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ-16

Traditional for ASUS utility for handwriting with your finger on the touchpad:

Обзор ультрабука ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ-17

How good is the screen?

The laptop is a 14-inch display with a resolution of 1920×1080 and a matte finish. It occupies 80% of the front panel, and the frame on the sides of 7.18 mm. using high-quality IPS-matrix with good viewing angles and a decent supply of brightness. Color I liked the view, that on this occasion we will talk colorimeter:

Обзор ультрабука ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ-18

The manufacturer promises a brightness of 300 CD/m2, while the stock was even more: 325.783 CD/m2, which together with a Matt anti-glare coating gives good legibility in different conditions. The brightness of the black field — 0.427 CD/m2, and the contrast — 763:1. Calibration is also very good, although color temperature is a bit overpriced (about 8000K). The screen just goes into cool colors: blue a little more, and the red is slightly less than the reference value:

There are traditional utility ASUS Splendid, in which there are three preset color modes: Eye Care filtering blue for less strain on the eyes and manual mode. With the latter you can adjust color reproduction, good stock of brightness it allows you to:

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The performance, battery life and sound?

Обзор ультрабука ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ-35

We in the editorial was the laptop in its top configuration: dual-core energy-efficient 14-nanometer processor Intel Core i7-7500U Intel Kaby Lake. Clock speed — 2.7 GHz, supports Intel Turbo Boost technology 2.0, the maximum frequency is 3.5 GHz. Supported Hyper-Threading with simultaneous processing up to four threads, the cache of the 3rd level is 4 MB and the TDP is 15 watts. We in edition have already visited a couple of models with this processor, so all in all some surprises there. The amount of RAM in our sample is 16 GB, use quick DDR4-2133. Wireless: dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac and Bluetooth 4.1.

Обзор ультрабука ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ-36
Обзор ультрабука ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ-37
Обзор ультрабука ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ-38

Now a few words about the video: built-in accelerator Intel HD Graphics 620 has a base frequency of 300 MHz and a maximum 1050 MHz, 24 compute units, and supports DirectX 12 and OpenGL 4.4. It is enough for simple office tasks. In addition, it has a discrete NVIDIA GeForce 940МХ on the graphic chip GM108 (Maxwell architecture), which features 384 CUDA cores, 24 texture units and 16 raster blocks and features 2 GB of onboard GDDR3 memory. Supported DirectX 12, and Shader Model 5.0, NVIDIA PhysX. It is already quite enough for video editing and to play something not the new one. For ultrabusy standards ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ got a very intelligent “hardware”:

With not too demanding games older sure won’t be a problem, the newer XCOM 2 and Dying Light in native resolution and simplified settings, the laptop gives a 20-25 frames per second, exactly like Satellite Reign. If you reduce resolution to a more pleasant 30-35 frames, and I’m sure GTAV on the “minimum salary” will be playable. But it was more of an experiment, because the laptop is close and not designed for gaming, but it is a possibility:

The tested model installed SSD SanDisk SATA3 interface with up to 512 GB:

Обзор ультрабука ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ-71

It gives good as for the interface speed. About 555 MB/s when reading and 520 MB/s writing:

Cooling systems are equipped with only one fan, which in a typical load is almost inaudible. At maximum load the noise is audible, although we can not say that he is annoying. With regard to the stability of the system, at maximum load with the included power adapter into the stress test AIDA64 in the very beginning there is a very short-term peak overheating and trottling of the CPU (as well as a very noticeable heating of the case), then this is not observed. There is a suspicion that the feature of the test sample:

Обзор ультрабука ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ-78

The graphics card is in the stress test Furmark feels great and even after prolonged maximum load is not heated more than 80°:

Обзор ультрабука ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ-79

Powered ultrabook 3-cell lithium polymer battery 50 WHr, promise up to 9 hours in “working” mode. It is difficult to judge on the model that raced in the tail and mane, but for completeness, review test drove. In maximum performance mode, maximum brightness, the laptop lived about 1 hour 50 minutes, video FullHD twisted about 5 hours. Supported fast charging. The audio system consists of two speakers, which were developed with harman/kardon, volume and quality is sufficient for watching movies.

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The bottom line

It seems ASUS has decided to fill the gap between the slim and compact ZenBook and productive lineup with 15.6-inch screens ZenBook Pro, the result in the form of the ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ was very successful. The laptop is very compact, lightweight, equipped with enough productive filling and a discrete graphics card, which will be useful for video editing, and will allow you to drive in any not the newest games if you wish. Another obvious plus in favor of UX430UQ great 14-inch IPS-screen with a matte anti-reflective coating and a decent supply of brightness. Traditionally for ASUS, the laptop is efficiently built, and some complaints about the keyboard and touchpad either, to work comfortably plus there is most of the current ports and a fingerprint scanner, which is clearly easier to use, than each time to enter a password. From moments that can be attributed to the minuses: very noticeable heating of the case at maximum load (although do not exclude that the feature of the test sample) and mark cover the upper cover, which actively collects fingerprints.

5 reasons to buy the ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ:

  • Compact metal body and light weight;
  • there are all necessary ports;
  • excellent 14 inch display;
  • powerful stuffing (in its class) with a discrete graphics card;
  • comfortable keyboard with backlight, touchpad and quick fingerprint scanner.

2 reasons not to buy ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ:

  • easily soiled covering of the upper cover;
  • significant heating of the case during peak loads.
Technical specifications ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ
Display14 inch, 1920×1080, IPS, matte
Dimensions296×191.2×12.9 mm
Weight1.25 kg
Operating system64-bit Microsoft Windows 10
ProcessorIntel Core i7-7500U (Kaby Lake, 14 nm), 2 cores/4 threads, 2.7-3.5 GHz
RAM16 GB DDR4 2133 MHz
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 620, NVIDIA GeForce 940МХ with 2GB of GDDR3 memory
DriveSSD 512 GB, SATA3
CommunicationWi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, 2.4 and 5 GHz, Bluetooth 4.1
Connectorsfull-sized USB 3.1 Gen 1 and USB 2.0, Micro HDMI, combo audio Jack and a USB Type-C (3.1)
Camerais, HD
BatteryLithium-polymer, 50 WHr
Обзор ультрабука ASUS ZenBook UX430UQ-80

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