Roaming epoch “bezveze”: how to save on calls abroad

Роуминг эпохи «безвиза»: как экономить на звонках за границей

You cannot just go and call home, being abroad. Business travel familiarity with communication in roaming is inevitable. And here, seemingly, the place to inform that this article will help you to choose to understand and wildly to save on calls from abroad. But no. Because of the roaming theme is extremely unsteady, three-dimensional and vague. Pricing, terms, promotions, pricing changes are completely unpredictable. In one article, to grasp the immensity will not work, but to consider possible options from which to choose – it easily.

One of the ways to optimize the cost of roaming not call at all to buy a tourist SIM card. This is a special SIM card of the operator, most of the Baltic, which are special tariffs for calls, messages, and sometimes the mobile Internet in other countries. From the pleasant moments: in many countries incoming calls are likely to be free. From: cheap SMS will have to send via SIM-card (or USSD), and outgoing calls can be implemented via a callback function. The new number is a hassle and inconvenience. Ideally, you can configure forwarding and disable the Ukrainian room. Or to set up an auto responder that will inform you your new room during the absence in the country. And even when a sudden change in currency exchange rates, communication costs will also increase. Known to all, a trio of Ukrainian operators is also significantly reduced prices on roaming. And in addition take a good batch of suggestions and ability to use the Ukrainian room abroad.



One of the pioneers of the “travel” link, which in our area has gained some fame. In the end, and other travel SIM cards, too, in common parlance were called “traveltime”. In part, this makes sense – rates and offers other Baltic roaming operators a little less than completely similar to TravelSIM.
The card works in 190 countries around the world, many incoming calls are not paid. Call and send messages as usual, but in case of refusal, the operator will have to resort to the USSD queries. The price ranges from $0.15 to popular tourist destinations like Egypt, to $4.5 for any absolutely already exotic wilderness. Minute calls within the network costs $0.25. The starter pack is 89 hryvnia. There are package offers with reduced prices on some areas packages of Internet traffic. In the Arsenal of TravelSIM’s a bunch of additional “buns”: calls on Viber for $0,09, free calls to Skype, send messages and free calls over the Internet. For very humane money available the function of saving the Ukrainian rooms. If you make friends with your computer, carefully read and implement step-by-step instructions with TravelSIM actually reduce expenses on communication abroad.

  • A separate SIM card: Yes
  • Starter pack: 89 UAH
  • Smartphone app: no
  • Website:
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SIM this virtual operator works much 209 countries. In exotic lands, the cost of services is appropriate. Pricing minute call range from $0.29 to $5. As in the case of TravelSIM, there are many countries with free incoming calls. In most cases, a minute of conversation within the network will cost $0,29, subsequent to $0,25. Per-minute billing. SMS message via a menu SIM cards are sent at a uniform price of $0.1 per. When sending in the usual way, the price of SMS varies depending on the country. Buying a starter pack will cost 50 hryvnia. A set of additional services not too different from a TravelSIM, but there are nuances. So, the preservation of Ukrainian rooms provided for small monthly fee. Calls on Skype are free (from the second minute), but on Viber – $0,09 per minute. Calls back free, but only for the caller. Fans of the messengers may be interested in interesting option: unlimited use of the chat rooms like Viber or Facebook Messenger for $12.5 per year. Overall, Goodline will come in handy if you travel far and often. But in this case the cost of communication – is clearly the least you will worry.

  • A separate SIM card: Yes
  • Starter package: 50 UAH
  • Smartphone app: no
  • Website:



With a map SIMFORTOUR can be connected in 195 countries, although the table rates there is only 102. Approximately half of the countries, incoming calls are not charged. The main emphasis is on the popular tourist destinations and calls to Ukraine. Although it is not so simple: lowest rates from the second minute of the conversation, and in connection with an appropriate service package. Prices of calls in the interval from $0.25 to $3.5, per-minute billing. SMS menu the SIM card is still the same $0,10. Prices for calls within the same network Goodline: the first minute costs $0,29, subsequent is us $0.25. Yes, all rates are carrier units. Roughly speaking – in dollars. At the time of writing camera unit was equal to 26 USD. According to statements of support, a hard peg to the dollar no, adjustments are not made frequently, so the rates do not vary with minor fluctuations in exchange rates. Starter package with a zero balance will cost 60 hryvnia. If you want to save the operator relies on using batch options like “100 inexpensive SMS” or activation of feed-in tariffs, but for a fee. The meaning of this is, but only in the case of long trips. Or if the relationship will have to use often.

  • A separate SIM card: Yes
  • Starter pack: 60 UAH
  • Smartphone app: no
  • Website:
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Service of international calls received plenty of positive feedback from the representatives of progressive humanity (and us too about it wrote). According to the official website Roamer approximately four years, have used more than two million travelers. Everything looks simple: the Ukrainian SIM-card and tariff package of the local operator of the country of residence (which you must purchase on arrival) “contact” in the mobile app. The start up a bit of magic – and the output calls at special tariffs. For example, a call from Georgia to the number of Ukrainian mobile operator cost of 20.9 cents (6,09). Yeah, Roamer indicates the prices in euros. For comparison, a minute of outgoing calls from TravelSIM will cost about UAH 17,94. And this despite the fact that, for example, Kyivstar offers 15 minute 30 hryvnia. However you should also consider the cost of buying and funding local SIM card that according to user reviews, increases the cost of a call by 30-40%. Roamer uses both mobile network and a 3G or Internet connection. Available free voice mail and missed call notification.

  • A separate SIM card: no
  • Starter pack: no
  • Smartphone app: there are
  • Website:



The features of the new service, we have dedicated a separate material. Drimsim is a combination of “travel SIM cards” mobile application for the service functions and control costs with round the clock support. The cost of the SIM card with a zero balance is 10 Euro. Rates vary greatly depending on the country, but it seems that the tariffs for mobile Internet are invariably more profitable than voice calls. The cost per minute and SMS between subscribers Drimsim also depends on the country, and in some cases is only 6-11 cents per minute and two or three cents for the message.

  • A separate SIM card: Yes
  • Starter pack: 10 euros
  • Smartphone app: there are
  • Website:
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The “big three”

Ukrainian operators (Kyivstar, Ukraine Vodadone, lifecell) in recent years has significantly reduced roaming rates. The cost of minutes, text messages and megabytes of traffic almost on par with “tour operators”. Save on roaming from the “big three” is achieved mainly through a variety of special rates and package offers. First, it is beneficial to the subscriber, who gets more services for relatively little money. Second, for the operator is the ability to earn. If the subscriber has not used the full package you paid for “air”. Or Vice versa – exceeded limits, and paid for it on most do not play the usual rates is also a benefit. Offers of operators are similar: 15 minutes of talking for 30 hryvnia, 100 MB Internet for 35-55 hryvnia, 25 messages for 25 hryvnia. Or all together at a price of 100 USD. But nice rates over there, where the “comfort zone” operators outside of Europe and the CIS. And here is worth a look in the direction of “travel SIM cards”.

So what to choose?

The rescue of drowning – the handiwork of drowning. It all depends on the country where you are going, and how often are you going to use communication services. Most right to spend an hour or two of time to see the rates and to weigh all by yourself. Now in the not too abroad quite comfortable to go with the Ukrainian SIM card, especially if it is a short trip that does not require a lot of talking on the phone. Just in case you can bring a travel SIM card. For business trips it is worth keeping in the wings “TravelSIM” for free incoming. In exotic countries, it may be reasonable a combination of a local SIM card for local calls and services like Roamer or Drimsim for ties with Ukraine.

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