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Robot bat Bot Bat spreads its wings

Робот-летучая мышь Bat Bot расправляет крылья

When you create robots engineers are often inspired by examples from nature, but to repeat the movements of the bat was incredibly challenging. Scientists California Institute of technology (Caltech), in collaboration with colleagues from the University of Illinois became the first to recreate the flight of these animals. Their Bat Bot is able to manoeuvre even in confined spaces, and the lack of rotating screws makes it more safe compared to regular drones.

How it works

Bat wings consist of more than 40 movable joints, allowing to make sharp turns in almost any direction. Scientists have simplified the design to nine “joints” and used the elastic membrane based on silicone (thickness of 56 microns). Wings of the robot can move independently, they are controlled by the onboard computer, and embedded sensors provide the capability of Autonomous flight.

Bat Bot weighs only 93 grams, wingspan is around 30 cm It takes up to 10 strokes per second, reaching speeds of 19 km/h during normal flight and up to 48 km/h in peak. In theory such a mechanism should conserve your battery than rotary drones. In addition, robot-bat makes less noise.

Where can be useful

According to scientists, the Bat Bot is great for search and rescue operations during disasters. In the future, they want to teach it to land upside down, for example, to sit on a wire for charging. In addition, the robot will help in the study of flying bats.

The most famous developer of robots that mimic animal movements, is the German company Festo. Its engineers created an artificial birds, insects, penguin and other inhabitants of our planet.

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Sources: Caltech, Engadget

Robot bat Bot Bat spreads its wings

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