Home planet is “Game of thrones” can really exist

Winter is coming. Here on Earth, we can accurately predict when it will occur, how long and even how severe it will be. But in the world of the continents of Westeros and Essos in the epic series by George R. R. Martin is not so. Imagine living in a world where the seasons are unpredictable: their duration, onset and severity is completely unknown. Between the winters can take months, years or decades, and they can be mild, severe or catastrophic, to be years. Although the Earth has never experienced such chaos, the outer moons of Pluto, and it showed us the satellite New horizons. Now we can scientifically prove that the world of “a Song of Ice and Fire” may not be so fantastic… if the world of Westeros will be a satellite in orbit a giant double planet, says theoretical physicist Ethan Siegel.

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