The Russians are the best in the world appreciated the new “human” voice Siri

In 2010, the App store is a program from Siri company Siri Inc. Some time later the latter was acquired by Apple, and a year later with the release of the iPhone 4S voice assistant has become an integral part of iOS. Over the years Siri has been the most integrated with iOS and received a number of new features. According to experts Apple to make Siri voice more “human” helped the technology of deep learning.

“Starting with iOS 10 and continuing new features in iOS 11, we use for “sounding” Siri technologies for deep learning. The resulting voices are more natural and flowing and allow personality to Shine Siri,” reads Apple article.

Interestingly, the most noticeable difference between the old and new Siri voices said the Russian users.

Apple SiriThe results of subjective listening tests, showing that new voices were rated much better compared with the previous

Everyone can go to the Apple website and listen to how Siri “sounded” in iOS 9, iOS 10 and iOS 11.


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