10439 Rumors of the death of YotaPhone 3 was exaggerated

Rumors of the death of YotaPhone 3 was exaggerated

The release of the third version of the Russian YotaPhone was hardly expected. In March of this year, Sergei Chemezov, CEO of rostec, which owns a 25.1% stake in Yota Devices, saidthat their partner in Hong Kong investment holding China Baoli Technologies decided not to allocate funds for the production YotaPhone 3. However, after just a few weeks on the official website YotaPhone has a teaser of the new smartphone and the message that in the summer it will open pre-orders. Now it has become known new official information about YotaPhone 3.


The CEO of Yota Devices Vasily Potapov said that the Chinese partners have developed provide a loan of $ 15 million (to 22 million). The proceeds will go to the completion of the development YotaPhone 3 and the beginning of mass production. Until the end of 2017, the smartphone will be released in China and then in Russia and in other markets. Vasily Potapov sure that the YotaPhone 3 will be higher than its predecessor. According to reports, total sales of the YotaPhone, the first and second generations was about 75,000 devices.

Recall that the main feature of the YotaPhone smartphone is the presence of an additional E-Ink display on the reverse side. This allows the user to read messages, books, Internet news or just to see useful information without wasting precious battery power.

On the characteristics of the YotaPhone 3, nothing is known.

Source: kommersant.ru

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