“Run. Start to run”: the personal trainer in smartphone

It would seem that it may be easier Jogging. But not all of the young runners continue to do it constantly. Mostly failed athletes go the distance because of the excessive load on an unprepared body. But with the app “Running. Start run” to practice is easy and pleasant. Four training programs with a gradual increase in complexity imperceptibly turn any user into an athlete, can easily run ten miles or more. The app is available for Android users.

Platform: Android

Version: 1.04

Russian interface: Yes

Requirements: Android 4.1 and above

Category: Health & fitness

Jogging is probably the most universal exercise. Need to lose weight — run, want to maintain the tone — run, you are a crowd of heavily armed villains in the alley — already know what to do. In General, all run as our favorite gentleman of fortune.

Some people worked long and hard to prepare themselves for classes, but the ceremonial first run often becomes their last. The next morning, aching muscles, weak legs, out of bed impossible to get up without focusing on his hands… sound Familiar? A typical case of an abrupt load on the untrained body, after which every one finds in himself enough strength of will to continue to torture yourself.

But the whole thing is to torture yourself don’t need. In running, as in other sport, you need to give yourself the load gradually. The body adapts quickly and, ideally, instead of the morning MUK run brings only pleasure. The App “Running. Start to run” guides the user through a series of exercises and will make him a present of the long distance runner.

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Бег. Начни бегать

The program was developed by AxiomMobile company specializing in applications for athletes. According to the developers, they’ve checked “Run. Start run” on myself and say that time got programmers, you get the rest. Well, in the context of the work on the review program also checked on the programmer, and with the extra weight. The Guinea pig is alive and well and wants more. So during the tests none of the programmer is not affected.

The user is prompted to go through four training course with a duration of four weeks, each of which will bring him to a certain result with zero. After the first course freshly baked athlete will easily run for twenty minutes, then thirty, forty, until the hour-mark.

Бег. Начни бегать

The program is free, but you can activate it by paying 99, 199 or 490 rubles (whom many do not mind). Free version will from time to time offer to activate or share the link, and functional limitations — only the inability to track progress on the chart. All other functions are available in full.

On the main window of the application the training program. The novice runner it is better to start with the first. However, trained athletes can move on to more serious tests. Before the first training you need to specify your height and weight. It is necessary for a more accurate calorie counter.

Бег. Начни бегать Бег. Начни бегать

Each workout consists of alternating specific periods of walking and running. For example, in the very first training the athlete five minutes warming up by walking, followed by the eleven minute-to-minute shifts of running and walking, and in the end — even a five minute walk. These intervals are separated sound signals, so watch out for them on the screen of the gadget is not necessary. Now the authors of the project are working on adding support for Android Wear to make work with application more comfortable.

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Бег. Начни бегать Бег. Начни бегать

From lesson to lesson, the number of intervals of walking and running increases, and at higher levels, the duration of running gradually begins to exceed the walking time. Thus, beginning with six minutes of pure running, the user gradually goes up to sixty. Your progress can be monitored, by looking through the statistics. There is still progress chart, but as mentioned above, it is available only in activated version.

Not to miss a regular workout, you can set the reminder in the appropriate section at the right time the phone receives a notification.

Бег. Начни бегать Бег. Начни бегать Бег. Начни бегать

By the way, there is also a social component. You can subscribe to the profiles of other users and monitor their progress. This adds to the training element of the competition. The results of the other athletes well-motivated for your own records.

Бег. Начни бегать

The App “Running. Start to run” — a real gift to beginner runners. It turns out that running everyday is not self-torture! It is a pleasurable activity and rapid progress, if you do everything according to the instructions of your e-coach and don’t be lazy.


  • easy and convenient;
  • designed for people with different backgrounds;
  • achieving results in a short time;
  • without activation is not available only a schedule of progress;
  • the activation cost, the user chooses according to his ability.


  • available only on Android.

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