7955 Russian developers make the simulator executioner

Russian developers make the simulator executioner

Moscow indie Studio Lesser Evil Games is preparing a very unusual project called the Executioner. Role-playing Thriller will allow you to get used to the role of the Royal executioner, the grim duty of which is to knock out confessions from prisoners and then execute them in front of a heartless public. At the moment, the game creators are raising money on development and have already launched a campaign to raise funds on the Kickstarter platform.

The Executioner

The Executioner tells the story of a son of a former Royal executioner, who was beheaded for treason. The hero inherited the position of father, and with it, became a heavy burden: he will have to torture and kill people as the guilty and the innocent. You will be able to study his victims, but affect the verdict was in. The executioner can only relieve suffering, or to make flour unbearable.

“Water torture or the beating? A short rope or a long? To quench the thirst of blood gathered at the scaffold the crowd or give a quick death to a person who may not be guilty of a crime? This game is about the price you have to pay for the cruelty and mercy, about what you would sacrifice to know the truth – or to appease his employer and crowned of blood-hungry crowd. This is the path of self-discovery,” reads the game description.

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Lesser Evil Games promises about 20 hours of gameplay, interesting dialogue, developed characters, dark music and a unique story, which will depend on the decisions you make. The Executioner is prepared for PC, but with achieving certain goals during a fundraising project and ported to mobile platforms. All who are interested can try out a demo versionthat runs directly in the browser.

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