9776 Russian hacker bypassed anti-piracy protection shooter Prey

Russian hacker bypassed anti-piracy protection shooter Prey

Protection of the new sci-Fi shooter Prey only lasted 10 days. About her hacking today announced users of the social site Reddit. To circumvent anti-piracy protection has been a mysterious hacker from Russia under the name Baldman, which, according to rumors, used to working alone. It Baldman responsible for the recent hacking Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3, and NieR: Automata that were under the protection latest version of Denuvo.


It is worth noting that hackers have broken into the Prey version 1.0 that is no longer relevant. Recently, developers released a patchthat eliminates a large number of bugs, including problem with the corruption of savegames. Most likely, the days will be hacked a new version of the shooter. Recall that the latest build Denuvo is also used in Mass Effect: Andromeda and its hacking the hackers went away for about a month. It is expected that BioWare will soon completely abandon DRM protection because of its inefficiency.

It is difficult to say whether affected protection Denuvo on sale Prey. According to statistics SteamSpy, sales of the PC version of the shooter are in the area of 190 thousand copies. The game ranked second in the list of most sold games on Steam for last week.

Source: reddit.com

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