Russian scientists have created a drug that “burning out” cancer tumors from the inside

the disease, which at the moment is extremely difficult to care, by right occupies one of leading places in the world medical practice. According to forecasts of the world health organization, it is expected that in the next 20 years the number of new cases will rise by about 70%. Therefore, the development of a cure for this dangerous disease is extremely important. Significant progress has been achieved national scientists of nust "MISIS" and Moscow state University and "Medical nanotechnology". They managed to develop and to begin preclinical testing of the drug with nanoparticles of iron, which is almost "burn" the tumor from the inside.The essence of drug action is that the constituent nanoparticles of magnetite (iron oxide) with a size of 15 nanometers is heated under the action of the magnetic field acting on the tumor and enhancing the effect of chemotherapy. If the drug passes the phase of pre-clinical trials – he will become the first Russian drug with a similar mechanism. The drug is administered intravenously. It then creates the necessary configuration of the magnetic field, after which the drug moves in tumor formation. After the drug "reached", the generator heats the nanoparticles to a temperature of 42-46 degrees Celsius, causing the cancer cell to die. Previously, particles of such drugs produced in the form of a ball, but Russian experts have created them in the shape of a cube. This approach allows us to allocate a larger amount of heat due to the larger contact surfaces.If successful preclinical trials, clinical human trials are planned for patients with breast cancer. According to the scientists, the technology is universal and in the future it can be used for the treatment of other types of cancer. In the case of successful completion of the entire series of experiments, the drug may be released already by 2025-2027 year.

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