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Samsung announces strategic partnership with Microsoft


During the exhibition MWC 2017, the company Samsung has announced an enhanced strategic partnership with Microsoft. This decision will enhance the capabilities of mobile access for enterprise customers, and to support businesses striving for digital transformation. As a result of close cooperation both sides failed to create premium device “2 in 1” for corporate users – Galaxy Book. New transformer, built on the platform of Windows 10 provides a convenient and easy access to all functions of Microsoft Office.

The Samsung Galaxy Book available in two versions: with a screen diagonal of 10, 6, and 12 inches. Responsible for the performance of dual-core CPU, the seventh generation of Intel Core i5 3.1 GHz (12-inch model) and dual-core Intel Core m3 processor with a clock frequency of 2.6 GHz (the 10.6-inch version).

Samsung Galaxy Book

“We are confident that cooperation with key partners such as Microsoft, it is vital for successful innovation because it helps us create the right vision and to build solutions that effectively increase productivity, said senior Vice President of marketing B2B products at Samsung Electronics Jiho Tank. – Enterprise solutions for mobile access allow companies to overcome the limitations related to the protection of corporate information and enable employees to stay connected. Together with Microsoft we will continue to empower our customers by providing flexible and secure information technology.”

MWC 2017

“Microsoft and Samsung collaborate on the innovative mobile technologies that help businesses and organizations to implement digital transformation, and the Samsung Galaxy Book – a great example of that approach, said Vice President for partner devices and solutions based on Microsoft’s Peter Han. – New device “2 in 1″ Book from Samsung Galaxy can reveal the digital features of Windows 10, including Windows applications Ink that motivate employees to achieve better results by applying new, more technologically advanced, mobile and safe approach to their duties.”

Together with Microsoft, Samsung also made improvements to the app Flow for Samsung Galaxy Book.

Source: 4pda.ru

Samsung announces strategic partnership with Microsoft

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