8374 Samsung FaceSense simplifies the interaction with the VR environment

Samsung FaceSense simplifies the interaction with the VR environment

Virtual reality becomes more accessible, exciting, and yet more real. The developers make every effort to find new ways for simple and easy interaction with the VR environment. For example, in the course of the VRLA Expo 2017 in Los Angeles, Samsung showed a prototype VR interface called FaceSense. The concept of development is a new approach to the VR navigation, thanks to which virtual tours can be implemented through simple recognition of voice commands and biometric signals without the use of hands.

Samsung FaceSense

Whenever the user says, there is a generation of electric signals: the change in facial expression or direction of gaze. FaceSense can recognize these impulses by means of biometric sensors and use them to make navigation easier. The prototype presented at the exhibition, was designed specifically for the Samsung Gear VR headset.

Samsung FaceSense Samsung FaceSense

FaceSense technology captures the changes of the facial muscles of the user and movement of the eyes that can recognize individual words and voice commands like “cancel”, “choose”, “back”. It is expected that FaceSense will serve as an impetus to the development of new biometric solutions that will help more users to get acquainted with virtual reality, including difficulties in communicating with the VR environment by means of conventional headsets.

Source: news.samsung.com

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