Samsung Galaxy S8+ passed a brutal test bending

Eugene Lubnicki


Samsung Galaxy S8+ passed a brutal test bending

The main feature of the new flagship Galaxy S8 Samsung Galaxy S8+ has become their cutting edge design, however, as in the case with previous generations, the body of the smartphone is made of glass and metal with a thin framework that has generated some questions about the sustainability of the Galaxy S8 Samsung Galaxy S8+to mechanical damage.

Bloggers decided to find out how well the Samsung Galaxy S8+ withstand bending (this test became popular after users found out about the excessive flexibility of the iPhone 6).

Rival South Korean flagship made iPhone 7 Plus in red color. During this test, the Galaxy S8+ has proved itself from the best side. The blogger took considerable effort to bring down the gadget, while the iPhone 7 Plus “gave up” almost immediately. The test confirmed that the quality of the materials and a metal frame in particular corresponds to the high level device, but the most vulnerable place in the Galaxy S8 is its curved display.

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We will remind, the other day we told you about the violent disassembly of Samsung Galaxy S8.

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