Samsung Galaxy S9: because of the iPhone the company will release its flagships more often?

Samsung Galaxy S9: because of the iPhone the company will release its flagships more often?

Just recently we found out that 12 September will take place the presentation of the iPhone 8 from Apple. And we all know that the smartphone as usually shake the market with their new innovations and “chips.” The Samsung is also understood and agreed to submit its next flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S9, two months ahead of schedule, in January 2018.

Why is the presentation of the new iPhone impact forced the Korean company to announce their flagship before? The fact is that these two companies have very long been rivals in the premium segment smartphones, in particular, they have always competed in terms of sales of their high-end devices. And if the Koreans nothing will change, the difference between the start of sales of the new iPhone and Galaxy S9 will be more than six months. And as you know, during this time, Apple will be able to realize enough iPhone 8 in order to get ahead.

Samsung Galaxy S9

Also rumors about the announcement of Samsung Galaxy S9 in January confirmed that a subsidiary of Samsung Display will start supplying the new OLED displays for smartphones in November this year. And this is two months earlier than it did in the case of the smartphone Galaxy S8. After obtaining the displays, the company will need another two or three months to fully assemble the smartphone.

To talk about the characteristics of not yet announced the flagship company of course before. But there is little doubt that he again will use the flagship chip from Qualcomm. In particular, it could be Snapdragon 845.

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