11168 "Samurai shodown — warrior's way": an atmospheric fighting game with multiplayer mode
“Samurai shodown — warrior’s way”: an atmospheric fighting game with multiplayer mode

“Samurai shodown — warrior’s way”: an atmospheric fighting game with multiplayer mode

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Game in the genre fighting are quite common on mobile platforms, but most gamers love has won quite a few. They all offer an interesting story, the original combat system and a reasonable — leveling characters, advanced network mode and the ability to play without an Internet connection. It is these proven components have bet the developers of LykurgGame and first day of summer presented the game “samurai shodown — warrior’s way”. But the way of the gamer now is to help fearless the Japanese to destroy the enemies and become a true legend.

Platform: Android

Version: 2.2

Russian interface: Yes

Requirements: Android 4.0.3 or higher

Category: Action

Битва самураев — путь героя

The main character is alone opposed the whole army of villains, but the fight happen with them one on one. It is worth noting that each new battle, samurai is suitable with the scale of health you saved in the previous match. Quickly to be cured.

The combat system focuses on strategy and tactics — opponents strike each other alternately, with no time limit, so neither the reaction rate nor the quality of the Internet connection nor the skills of the pianist on the success of no effect.

The mechanics of combat in the “Battle of the samurai” is quite unusual and based on the prediction of the opponent’s actions. There are three types of attack: head, legs, and torso. The defense presented five options, three of which at successful coincidence of circumstances can develop into a dangerous counterattack.

Битва самураев — путь героя

It combined a good defense with pinpoint attacks will successfully beat both AI and real players worldwide in multiplayer mode.

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Despite the name, the plot of the game among rivals can meet not only the samurai. When the level of difficulty goes up against the hero are ninja who have an original style of warfare, and monks with a weak defense, but extremely dangerous in attack.

Main enemies — the samurai, who can be officials, warriors, or ronin. Each type has strengths and weaknesses, as well as a characteristic habits in battle.

Битва самураев — путь героя

Of course, there are in the “Battle of the samurai” and the traditional cold weapons, presents two types of swords — katana and nodachi. Their combat power can build up in the forge, and there to improve the rest of the ammunition or to repair it in case of receiving serious damage.

Earned in-game currency can be spent on improving the skills of your hero. The improvement is subject to the amount of energy the force of the blow and agility.

Битва самураев — путь героя

Visual component and a soundtrack set the right atmosphere and send players straight to the legendary heyday of a unique samurai culture. The app is well optimized and run without any problems in special graphics mode on a weak and outdated devices.

Битва самураев — путь героя



  • leveling;
  • multiplayer mode;
  • diverse rivals;
  • the original combat system;
  • a good optimization.


  • sometimes there are errors in the textures.

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