Build Windows 10 Build 17025 is available in a slow circle updates

Build Windows 10 Build 17025 is available in a slow circle updates

Microsoft has managed to surprise many insiders as put build of Windows 10 Build 17025 in the slow ring Slow Ring. The majority believed that Assembly of raw, but apparently the company thought otherwise.

Why this event surprised me? Last week Microsoft released update 17025 for computers in the Fast Ring, and today will go down in history as the day when Microsoft released this build to Slow Ring, but also announced the pre-assembled Software Development Kit 17025 for application developers. Used Microsoft never did. Sometimes builds from the fast ring moved in a slow circle, not earlier than two or three weeks. But, apparently, Microsoft decided that Windows 10 Build 17025 may be used to the slow ring Slow Ring.

What distinguishes Fast from Slow Ring Ring

A little explain for users who are not participants of the program Windows Insider Program, what is the difference between the rings updates. There are two rings of updates for insiders: Fast Ring (fast ring) and Ring of Slow (slow ring). For a Quick round of updates the developers release updates often raw, run-in, which can cause a failure in the computer, until the so-called “blue screen of death”. Data insiders must be prepared for such developments. In the Slow Ring get more stable, tested build. So, from this ring, for example, the computers of ordinary users were Windows 10 build 16299.19. This is the same Assembly that you get if you update your laptop to Windows 10 Update Fall Creators. In the main Assembly of the slow lap is quite stable.

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What’s new in Windows 10 Build 17025?

Let’s all get back to the build of Windows 10 Build 17025. What’s new in it?

Updated accessibility

In this Assembly, the insiders with physical disabilities proposed updated accessibility preferences pane in system Settings. Implemented improvements include: new options, grouping options to make them easier to find and more detailed description, to facilitate understanding of the purpose of each available function.


Task management startup

In the last Assembly in the panel “Settings” → “Applications” a new section “Autostart” is used to enable and disable startup apps when system starts. In the Assembly 17025 for each start-up applications under “Settings” → “Applications” → “Applications” was the option of viewing all in-progress when loading tasks.


Updated the font to Microsoft Yahei

Chinese users of the Windows 10 insiders offered significant update to the Microsoft Yahei font that will be used for the interface. According to developers, it is more clear, symmetrical and, in General, has a better look than the former.


Some more Fluent Design

The effect of highlighting interface elements when you hover the mouse (Reveal) is now used by default for the component CalendarView. To test it in the “Clock and calendar” called the taskbar. In the third-party application built using the latest preview version of the SDK it will automatically appear. This, for me, very happy, because it means that work on the new design, Fluent Design are in full swing. Microsoft from empty promises, finally moved to action.

For those who want to see the other, less important changes, enhancements, and fixes build 17025, in the text of the official announcement at the link at the end of the review. There available and a list of known developers problems, critical among them, most of this is the center of action and the Game panel.

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