8044 Scandalous Saygus V-Squared can equip the Snapdragon 835

Scandalous Saygus V-Squared can equip the Snapdragon 835

For several years, the company Saygus promises to release a waterproof smartphone with two operating systems already installed, but still the status of the project remains uncertain. From time to time in a network there are different rumors about the Saygus V-Squared, but even the most devoted fans, it seems, do not believe in the success of the project. This time the creators of the Saygus V-Squared said that the smartphone will feature a Snapdragon processor 835. The problem lies in the fact that in January 2016, the company assured users that the Saygus V-Squared is actively developed and will debut in the Snapdragon 820. As you know, the market has since saw nothing.

Saygus V-Squared

Saygus V-Squared was first presented at CES 2015, Saygus and collected pre-orders, but has not fulfilled promises. Even now, with the announcement of the top processor from Qualcomm, no exact release date was not announced. This suggests “empty shell” that exists only on paper. Previously announced features of Saygus V-Squared include 5-inch display 1080p, 3 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory, two slots for memory cards microSD (up to 128 GB each), support for Wireless HD, the main camera of 21 MP with optical image stabilization and dual flash and 13-MP selfie-module with optical image stabilization and auto focus. In April 2016, when the pre-purchase cost of the phone was $650.

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