9150 Scientists have created a compact speaker of graphene

Scientists have created a compact speaker of graphene

To date, most of the speakers running through the coil oscillations in the field of a permanent magnet, which moves a driver that creates vibrations of air and sound waves. However, in the future to replace this rather bulky design can come a brand new solution. British scientists from Exeter University have created a compact speaker out of graphene, which has no moving parts. The sound is generated due to the change in temperature of graphene.

dynamic graphene

It should be noted that thermoacoustic principle of operation was described in the late XIX century. However, based on it has never created dynamics. According to researchers at Exeter University, will provide rich sonic palette. If necessary, a speaker can reproduce a variety of sound frequencies, including ultrasound.

As mentioned above, the new dynamics no moving parts, making it much smaller than its competitors. The speaker itself is made in the form of a microprocessor the size of a thumb nail. Inside the enclosure hides a speaker, amplifier and equalizer.

Source: nature.com

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