Made in China #77: Napoleonic plans, Xiaomi, the war with the cunning miners and other news

Under the heading “Made in China” collected news this week from China, not included in the main feed 4PDA: announcements, rumors and interesting events in the life of the main supplier of electronic goods in the world. In this issue you’ll learn about the plans of Xiaomi to capture the market through retail; preparing for China’s conquest of the moon; the opening of the world’s first “city of artificial intelligence” and fight with cunning miners.

Xiaomi plans to conquer the world

In an incredibly short period of time Xiaomi has managed to turn from a developer’s custom firmware based on Android in one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers. The company produces smartphones, laptops, household appliances, all kinds of smart gadgets, electronic vehicles, bags, and more. In fact, it is hard to call what the firm does not produce. One of the main drivers of Xiaomi’s success was the availability of its products. An important role was played by the fact that the company has built its business on online sales. But being solely online, the company has reached its limit, so last year CEO of Xiaomi lei Jun announced the intention to create a large retail network and plans to open by 2020, nearly thousands of physical stores. According to the latest data, the new strategy of Xiaomi is bringing the first positive results.


In the second quarter, Xiaomi shipped a record of 23.16 million smartphones, which is 70% more compared to the previous quarter. Reportedly, this was largely due to the opening of physical stores and attract new customers. Interestingly, in India, the company’s revenue increased by 328% yoy. New markets, including Russia, also contributed to the growth of the company. Lei Jun said that in 2018 they are going to ship 100 million smartphones.

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“I told everyone at the beginning of the year that the most difficult times are behind us. I also installed a modest target to earn 100 billion yuan for the year. Now I am sure that we will be able to achieve this,” said lei Jun, the head Xiaomi.

Moreover, if earlier Xiaomi had planned for 2020 is to open a thousand stores, now the company says about twice that amount. This was announced by senior Vice-President for global Affairs Wang Xiang in an interview with CNBC. Some stores will be opened in partnership with private investors, and others — wholly owned by Xiaomi. The stores will be located not only in China but also outside China.

Preparation for the conquest of the moon

In may, we wrotethat China intends to place volunteers in a special space cab on 60-200 days. This is done in order to find out what people need for long-term stay on the moon. If the experiment is successful, China hopes to send people to conquer the moon over the next two decades. According to new data, we selected four volunteers from the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, who will live in a closed laboratory for 200 days without any interaction with the outside world.

Китай покоряет Луну

According to the official newspaper of the Communist party of China People’s Daily, the volunteers settled in the laboratory area of 160 m2 in Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics this past Sunday. The laboratory was called Yuegong-1, which means “moon Palace”. She was launched on may 10 to verify the reliability of bioregenerative life support system and determine the effect on different members of the crew.

“As the longest of its kind, this experiment will help to develop the technology needed to ensure the safety and quality of life of astronauts in the medium and long-term space exploration,” – said on the website of the University.

Yuegong-1 has a living space and two modules for growing plants. All human waste will be recycled in the process of bio fermentation. To the current volunteers in the lab, there’s another group for 60 days. If all goes according to plan, the third group of enthusiasts will meet in lab 105 days. Thus, the experiment should last 365 days.

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In China opened the “town of artificial intelligence”

In a recent issue, we wrote that China plans to build by 2020, the world’s first “Forest city”, which will clean the air from harmful substances. This week in China was presented another interesting project — the first of its kind “the city of artificial intelligence”. It is located in Hangzhou, is a complex, which contains 15 different platforms, artificial intelligence and 90 virtual reality projects.

Город искусственного интеллекта

In this complex the visitors can get acquainted with the advanced developments in the fields of artificial intelligence and VR/AR, and novice developers will be able to Express themselves and find support investors.

“I think the city has the perfect atmosphere for innovative research and at the same time, he is also a financial active. We believe that this is a good place to attract talent and business incubation. We also hope that our technology will contribute to the comprehensive progress of the entire industry,” said Khas Aimin, Deputy Director of research project on artificial intelligence.

Город искусственного интеллекта

Also note that this week, two of the biggest developer in the field of artificial intelligence — DeepMind AI and Open — came together to prevent the rise of the machines.

Chinese shops declared war on the miners

The hype around mining is starting to subside and the video card a little back on the shelves. Recall that some time the miners of the cryptocurrency sold out all their stock of cards, and ordinary users are faced with shortages and rising prices. One big German store altogether stopped selling graphics cards (read more about the incident, read our special article). Some enterprising Chinese have used a loophole in local legislation.

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The fact that China has a law on the protection of the rights of consumers, allowing the latter to return the computer components in the store within seven days from the date of purchase without explanation. Some bought video cards that are actively used them for cryptocurrency mining, and then a week later they returned to the store, returning the money for them. It turns out that they received the video card for mining absolutely for free, spending money on electricity.

One of the Chinese shops have decided to deal with such unscrupulous users and excluded the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti/1080/1070/1060 AMD Radeon RX 580/570/480/470 from the list of goods that can be returned back after the purchase. Now you can only check in more affordable models that are in great demand among miners is not in use.


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